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  • Artemis,  teach me to see new situations as welcome challenges that I can manage with success.

Goddess of Adventure, help me approach my life as a series of adventures, finding the meaning and excitement in my everyday experiences.

Help me to be like you, Artemis, sure of my own ability and unafraid of failure.

  • I call on you, Artemis, to help me  realize that my goals are attainable, and that I can realize my visions
  • Great Goddess, help me fulfill my promise by developing my natural talents.
  • Artemis, help me give full attention to the moment I am in so that I do not miss valuable opportunities that come my way.
  • Remind me, Artemis, that I can release all indecisiveness and move on with my life.
  • Artemis, assist me with your archer's eye, to keep my goals in focus.

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Artemis, I affirm that, like you, I am fair and honest with those around me.

Thank you,  Artemis,  for championing the good of others. Help me to do likewise.

Goddess, help me to remember that self-discipline is my ally.


  • Great Goddess, help me to release my need to please others if it means sacrificing my own ideals.
  • Artemis, as the goddess of adventure, help me to take charge and meet challenges head on and with courage.
  • Remind me, Artemis, to appreciate the other women in my life and the companionship and courage that they give me.
  • Today, Artemis, I will tune into my body and move with your grace and physical vitality.

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  • Lend  me your independent spirit and  unwillingness to compromise what is important, Artemis, so that I can become more true to my self.

  • Artemis, remind me today that, like you, I need not be vulnerable to the influences and manipulations of others.

  • Artemis, show me how to release the limits I impose on myself and to get all the enjoyment and success that I can out of life.


Share with me your ability to speak straightfowardly and honestly, Artemis.

Artemis, help me hold onto my true self in all my relationships, especially romantic ones.

Artemis, let me be like you, always expanding my mind and continuing to learn.


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  • Artemis, I join you in enjoying the pleasure of speaking my mind, even when others oppose me.
  • Great Goddess, help me to remember to breathe deeply, relax my shoulders, and take time to laugh when I am "running as fast as I can" to keep up with my busy life.
  • Artemis, lend me your ability to display competence without being arrogant or inconsiderate.
  • Goddess, like you, I accept responsibility for my happiness and for meeting my own needs.

Goddess, I accept responsibility for my happiness and for meeting my own needs.

Artemis, remind me to acknowledge my accomplishments, even the small ones.

Artemis, assist me in letting go of my fears so that I can become more adventuresome and courageous like you.


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