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Want to bring more Atalanta qualities into your life?
Everything you do to nurture your own independence
your vitality and enjoyment of life,
will help enlarge the influence of Atalanta.
Some suggestions follow:

Do something spontaneous and impulsive, just for the sheer joy of it!

Permit yourself to feel beautiful, sensual and loving. Without feeling guilty, make the time to do those things that delight and please you.

Participate in some kind of bodywork (any kind from aerobics to   massage) to increase your awareness of your body and to keep it agile. Find a type  that you really enjoy, and make the most of it!

Work on putting yourself first for a change. If you're not happy no one close to you will be either. Remember to ask for enough. If you want it, and believe you deserve it, then you can make it happen. Conceptualize your deep inner knowledge of what is good, visualize it happening, and create and hold that thought throughout the day. Your thoughts and intentions can become your reality.

Say something to call attention to an achievement or accomplishment of which you are justifiably proud, even if you feel like it's being boastful. Remember Atalanta was a winner, and had no hesitation in letting everyone know it.

Learn to do some things for yourself that aren't considered ladylike. Install a light fixture, change the oil in your car!

Have the courage to say "No" to something that you're really not interested in doing. Say it firmly and without feeling guilty. . .  after all, it's really your life, isn't it?




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Slow down. Take your time. Racing around can make it difficult to be sensual and caring.

Don't be afraid to speak your mind and let everyone else know what pleases you (and what doesn't). Everyone knew just where they stood with Atalanta, and they should with you as well.

Remember the lesson of the golden apple that slowed Atalanta down and brought her love. Let some of your responsibilities slip and take time to devote your energy and attention to the people and things you really love.ushoun you

Remember that, like Atalanta, you are a winner. Don't waste your time thinking negative thoughts, maintain an "I can do anything" attitude in all that you do.

Pamper your tootsies! Have a pedicure and splurge on a pair of sexy sandals (or even a pair of sturdy running shoes).  And don't forget to think of Atalanta as you do!

Do something by yourself that you would ordinarily do with a partner or a friend. Have a leisurely meal at a fine restaraunt, go the movies. Learn to enjoy, if not tolerate, solitude and not feel insecure when you are alone.

Test the limits, as Atalanta did! Do something physically demanding, or that otherwise feels "impossible" for you,  and gives you a real challenge.  Then congratulate yourself on your success!

Select someone (or something) that you feel passionately about, and throw yourself, like Atalanta, with abandon into expressing the way you really feel.
Surround yourself with
Atalanta 's symbols. Keep a little statute of a lion on your desk, wear an amber pendant and think of Atalanta appreciatively as you put a dab of carnation scented oil in your bathwater at the end of the day!
Plan ahead. Identify your goals and race toward them with the fierce energy that you find inside when you are motivated to succeed.

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