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Want to bring more Athena qualities into your life?
Everything you do to nurture your organization
and logical skills will help enlarge the influence of Athena.
Some suggestions follow:

Read a book, a serious book of nonfiction, from cover to cover. If this is not your usual fare, try to pick one on a subject that is of special interest to you.

Participate in some kind of bodywork (any kind, but consider something usually thought of as "masculine" like one of the martial arts ).   Use it to increase your strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Practice letting your head rule your heart! The Athena archetype represents self-government. In the midst of an argument, when you feel yourself beginning to lose control, remind yourself to listen to the wise voice of Athena counseling you to stop and think before you let your emotions take over. Consider the effect your words will have, and be sure they will express your viewpoint in the clearest, most useful way.

Don't be afraid to speak your mind and let everyone else know what pleases you (and what doesn't) or what you think about an issue. Everyone knew just where they stood with Athena, and they should with you as well.

Practice relating to a man, not as a lover or even a personal friend, but as a colleague or someone with whom you meet to solve problems. If your work does not provide you with such an opportunity, volunteer to serve on a committee of a local civic organization.



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Develop some skills that are traditionally masculine in nature. Learn to change the oil in your car. Chop wood. Know that you can survive without a man to look after you!

Don't hesitate to make decisions, even important ones. If you find this difficult, start with the small ones. You choose the movie and decide where you go to dinner, instead of automatically letting someone else decide.

Get in touch with your personal goals. Make a list of five things you'd like to accomplish--they could be personal or professional goals. Each goal should be about something important to you. Write down why you think you haven't accomplished each goal. Was it simple procrastination? Or a lack of confidence in your ability?  Then pick one goal, preferably the "easiest", and pledge that you will accomplish it. Set aside time each day for the next week to research and plan. Then get started.  Break the plan down into small tasks so that  every time you get discouraged, you can remind yourself that they are only "baby steps". By the end of the month, you should be more confident of your ability to implement your plans. ushoun you

Join a bookclub. Take a college course you might be interested in.  Do something to develop your intellectual skills.



Trust yourself to be who you are without compromise or apology.

Remember that Athena was the goddess who represented civilization. Make it a point to take in art galleries, the theater,  and museums.  In summary, develop your appreciation for the finer things that civilization has to offer.

Dress in Athena's colors, keep a small statute or painting of an owl in a prominent place, use olive oil in all your salad dressings!
Surround yourself with the Athena 's symbols

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