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  • Demeter, remind me to be a forgiving and loving person, filled with compassion for others.

Great Mother, help me know what it is that others needs from me so that I might do the thing that will bring them comfort.

Your generosity is contagious, Demeter.
Let me to share my generous impulses with others today.

  • Grant me your calm strength, Demeter, so I can can remain centered, accepting life as it is, and knowing that I have a purpose.
  • Great Goddess, help me celebrate the abundance of life that I see all around me.
  • Demeter, let me be like you today and put the needs of someone else before my own.
  • Thank you, Demeter, for helping me to be friendly, compassionate, and generous.


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Demeter, remind me to set my problems and worries aside for a while and to remember to laugh heartily.

Remind me that I don't have to have a partner to be fulfilled, that  I can be happy in love with life itself.

Share your forgiving, nonjudgmental approach with me today, Demeter.

  • Demeter, I join you in giving thanks for the wonderful bounty this earth provides.
  • I call upon you, Demeter, to comfort me when I feel overwhelmed by all that I have to do and it seems that everyone takes me for granted.
  • Give me strength, Demeter, to keep moving forward in my search for the truth and for those things that are most meaningful to me.



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  • Demeter, I remain grateful for the abundance that I have in my life. Help me use my resources wisely.

  • Demeter, as the goddess who best demonstrated the ways of unconditional  love, make me sensitive to the needs of those around me.

  • Keep me secure in your knowledge that each stage of life will bring its own challenges, but also its benefits and rewards.

Great Goddess, help me to remain centered and emotionally available to others.

Lend me your self-assurance, helping me know, as you did,  that I deserve to be treated well and with respect.

Like you, Demeter,  I am caring and have a good heart.

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  • Goddess, guide me to friends who will help me find fun and lightheartedness in my life.
  • Goddess, I accept responsibility for my happiness and for meeting my own needs.
  • Demeter, help me enjoy food that is good for me, and to remember that I am in control of my health..
  • Great Goddess, help me share my overflowing love with others every day.

Demeter, lend me your ability to stand firm and insist upon what is truly right.

Goddess, like you I can be a wonderful mother and will remember to nurture my own inner child as I nurture others.

Show me how to recover when I feel I have failed. Teach me your lesson, Demeter, that even great losses can be wonderful opportunities.



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