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  • Hera, help me to not constantly compare myself to others.

Goddess of  love and marriage, remind me that I don't have to have a partner to be in love, that  I can be happily in love with life itself.

Help me to speak truthfully as you did, Hera, always letting others know just where I stand on things.

  • Hera, let me honor my commitments and stay true to my beliefs.
  • Great Goddess, help me celebrate the power of my love today.
  • Share your ability to recover from events that wound my pride, Hera, so that I can relinquish all shame and move forward to rebuild my life on a more solid foundation.

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Hera, help me to accept my jealous feelings, but remind me that they signal neglected areas that I need to develop within myself and in my own life.

Hera, empower me to acknowledge and express my feelings openly, honestly, and in the moment.

Great Goddess, teach me to find my greatest joy inside my self, so that I can give job in my relationships.

  • Thank you, Hera, for helping me to be friendly, loyal, and steadfast today.
  • Hera, I join you in learning to communicate clearly, especially when it comes to expressing my needs.
  • Hera, show me how to treat myself like royalty, for after all, I am a queen.

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  • I call on you, Hera, to help me clean house! I need to get rid of the clutter in my home and in my relationships.

  • Hera, remind me that it's all right to disagree with my partner, that I can keep my heart free of blame regardless of how angry I may become.

  • Hera, as the goddess of love and commitment, help me to take in the love that others offer to me.

Great Goddess, help me to remain centered and emotionally available to others.

When I react with impatience and anger that is just a clever disguise for feeling hurt),  help me restore my good humor and my relationships as you did, Hera.

Hera, remind me today that, like you, I am caring and have a good heart.

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  • Goddess, help me admit that I don't know everything.
  • Hera, help me create quality time with my family.
  • Goddess, I accept the responsibility for insuring my own happiness and for seeing to it that my needs are met.
  • Hera,  help me to be open enough to reveal my feelings of vulnerability to others.
  • Great Goddess, lend me your unwavering judgment and penetrative insight.
Guide me, Hera, to set aside my work, my heavy responsibilities for just a while in order to make time for someone who is really important to me.

Hera, help me appreciate my jealous feelings and realize that they are often a sign that I need to work on something in my own life.

Goddess of  love and commitment, help me to keep my environment peaceful and harmonious today.


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