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Want to bring more Hestia qualities into your life?
Everything you do to acknowledge your own needs
while honoring your commitments
will help enlarge the influence of Hestia.
Some suggestions follow:

Every woman needs a sacred space, a sanctuary she can call her very own, a place to grab a few moments of peace and reflect on her life. Create one in your home.

Make your home a sacred space. Hestia felt at peace in her home and knew its value in keeping her filled with energy. So you hate housework? Make it more enjoyable by doing it as a meditation to Hestia. Commit 30 minutes each week to doing one thing to bring a feeling of peace and beauty into your home, even if it's only organizing that drawer we all have in the kitchen (the one where you put everything that doesn't have a place of its own).

Take time to really focus your attention on someone you care about, listening to them with your whole heart.

Hestia ensured continuity in the lives of her family. Make a scrapbook of family memories.  Keep and treasure an object (or several) in your home that belonged to an elder female in your family. If you travel alone, set out a framed photo of your family in your hotel room, or another object that makes you feel "at home".

Being a "domestic goddess" doesn't have to be dreary. Make it fun! Add little touches of creativity and beauty as you go.  Place a bouquet of parsley in a vase in the fridge. Tie your folded sheets and towels up with a narrow strip of lace fabric finished off with a bow.

Learn to sing in harmony, to make others "look good" rather than being the lead singer all the time.  Think about Hestia and recall the beautiful lyrics
to the song,
“The Wind Beneath My Wings".

Learn to listen actively, to not allow yourself to be drawn automatically into arguing. You can always say something like, "It's obvious this is important to you and you probably have an important point. I need to think on it and see if we can't come to agreement."

When the others who live in your home return, welcome them enthusiastically. Put down what you're doing and give them your undivided attention for a few minutes.



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Create an "altar" to Hestia in your home,  something that reminds you of her each time you look at it.  It need not be elaborate, perhaps just a bundle of lavender or a grouping of candles on a table in a room where you like to spend your "quiet time".

No matter how busy you might be, set aside some time each day to really connect with someone you really care about...take just a few minutes to give them your full attention and some quiet appreciation. You'll find yourself a much more loving and desirable person.

Be prepared. Manage your resources wisely. Put off an extravagance and set some money back for a rainy day.

Don't be afraid to speak your mind and let everyone else know what you need and want. Hestia got what she wanted by speaking out.

“To thine own self be true”. . . even if it means ignoring the expectations of others. Discover who you are and what you want and need to be fulfilled. Look after your own needs first. Then, and only then, can you be of valuable service to others.

Remember, "you can’t light a fire without a spark".
Just as entire towns had to be moved to avert misfortune when the fire in the town hall died out, loving or living with a partner who is physically or psychologically abusive spells disaster and it is important to recognize Hestia's lesson that it is time to move on.

When you need to cut your losses and channel your energy in  more rewarding ways, visualize what you want to happen and repeat it often . . . until your positive thoughts become a habit, and your intentions a reality!

Say "no" when you really don't want to be accommodating or go out of your way to please someone else . . . so that you can say "yes" with enthusiasm at other times and really mean it.

For a Hestia sex is a sacred union. Choose your partner carefully and keep the flame of love alight.

Reach out and let others know how you feel about them and what you expect of them (or hope for) in your relationships, even if it means risking embarassment or rejection.

Reach out and let others know how you feel about them and what you expect of them (or hope for) in your relationships, even if it means risking embarassment or rejection.

Adorn yourself with an amethyst, Hestia's symbol gemstone,  to call forth her soothing energy. Or carry a crystal with you and hold it occasionally to help you recenter and rebalance.

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