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Want to bring more Isis qualities into your life?
Everything you do to "pull together"
will help enlarge the influence of Isis.
Some suggestions follow:

Remember that committed relationships, like that of Isis and Osiris, often involve a lot of work. Allot time for togetherness, and give your full attention. Listen not only with your head, but also with a loving heart.

Make memories. They can go a long way to sustain a relationship during tough times that inevitably occur in any relationship. Fabulous meals, fun movies, fantastic sex are among "the ties that bind". And don't forget to bring out the memories (and even the scrapbook) when times get tough.

Practice letting your head rule your heart! The Isis archetype represents self-government. In the midst of an argument, when you feel yourself beginning to lose control, remind yourself to listen to the wise voice of Isis counseling you to stop and think before you let your emotions take over. Consider the effect your words will have, and be sure they will express your viewpoint in the clearest, most useful way. Say "I really would like . . . " rather than "You ought to . . " and your message will be more well received.

Build yourself a throne! All of us could use an extra chair at times, so why not find a wooden chair (a thrift store "find" will do) and paint it in the colors of Isis, using stencils to embellish it with an Egyptian motif.

Stay connected even if you're apart. Cards, email and phone can help you "keep it together.



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Invoke the "Shield of Isis" to protect you and give you self-confidence when you confront a situation that triggers your fears. Imagine that you are enveloped by a sphere of golden light. Say the words "I call on the Light of Isis and the power of Isis to protect me and mine.  The goddess Isis battles for me, and she will overcome."

Develop your own skills of self-protection.
Sign up for a self-defense course, if nothing else it will increase your watchfulness and awareness and make you less likely to be chosen as a "victim".

If you just aren't "the crying type", arrange to have yourself a "pity party" every once in a while.  Crying can actually help release pent-up emotional tensions and keep you "pulled together".  Plan for a time when you'll be uninterrupted and watch a sad movie, bring out the photos and letters from a "lost love", and cry enough cleansing tears to "flood the river Nile".  Then close your ritual with a cleansing shower  to wash those tears away.

Don't stay disconnected. Make a real effort to reconnect with someone you've lost touch with over time.  The internet makes it easy to locate the friends we've lost.

The goddess Isis was known as the Great Mother. Reach out and touch your mother, the one who gave you life.


Become a volunteer
in your local literacy program.

Remember that Isis was the goddess who represented civilization and culture. Make it a point to take in art galleries, the theater,  and museums.  In summary, develop your appreciation for the finer things that civilization has to offer.

Dress in Isis' colors, hang a beautiful feather in your window (or on your rear view mirror) to remind you of her protective wings. Wear an ankh on a pendant or bracelet.
Surround yourself with

Isis ' symbols.

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