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Isis, help me to listen to my inner voice and to act decisively on the advice that it gives me.

Make me more concerned and considerate of myself. Help me to consider my own feelings and needs, not always placing others first.

She of Ten Thousand Names, protect me in ten thousand ways.

  • Encircle me with your strong and  powerful wings and breathe life into all my efforts.


  • Guide me, Isis, to set aside my  responsibilities for just a while in order to make time for someone who is really important to me.


  • Great Isis, heal my heart and set me free.


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Isis, place your great shield in front of me and help me to proceed with my plans, unafraid.

Protect me, Isis,  from those who would take advantage of my good nature. Help me remain aware and watchful and focused upon my goals.

  • Lend me your great wisdom, Isis, when I think about what I really want in my life.
  • Make me strong enough to fight for what I want, not just tolerating what life has thrown in my path. Help me know  who I am and what I need to be fulfilled.

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  • Spread your wings of protection over all of us during these challenging times when the forces of war, violence, and oppression are running wild.


  • Isis, Remind me to stop in my busy-ness to take time to teach and to comfort others.
Isis, sometimes I feel scattered. Gather me together, making me whole once more.

Encircle me with your powerful wings and breathe life into my efforts.

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  • Bless and protect those that offer their lives to help and protect us . . . firemen, police, and other unsung heroes of all kinds.


  • Guide the hands and minds of those who work to heal us. Remind me that, like you, I too have the power to be a healing force as well as the capacity to heal myself.


  • Remind me that, even when I am separated from those that I love, we can still be together.


Isis, see how I am injured and comfort my sorrows.

Isis, help me create quality time with my family.

Take messages to the ones that I love who are no longer with me on this earth. Let them know they are not forgotten.

Isis, help me remember that creating good relationships sometimes  requires hard work.


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