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September 2009 edition      

What Would The Goddess Arachne  Have to Say
About the New H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine?

Necessary or not?? Too early to tell perhaps, but so far so good--the virus is spreading rapidly but isn't as deadly as it was at the start. So far not worth the risk of the injection, in my humble opinion.

That truth-tellin' spider goddess Arachne would have decided there were some things worth shooting off her mouth about (in the interest of 'telling the whole story' and keeping the public informed).

Here's my story:

It was this month in 2004 that I made a bit of a fool of myself over the flu virus by commenting that the shortage of flu vaccine had at least made the public recognize the intrinsic value of the immunization.

A subscriber took me to task on that one, asking me to 'think' more deeply about the hazards of vaccinations. It worked (to an extent) and I became more 'open-minded' about any information suggesting that there was a dark side to our vaccines. 

Ixcacao, Mayan Chocolate Goddess

As a former public health nurse, I still believe in immunizations. As an elder who remembers children crippled in the polio epidemics, one who (thanks to a vaccine) watched as we were able to shut down day schools for children blinded and deafened by measles, mumps and rubella, I still believe in immunizations.

But now I believe we owe it to ourselves and to our young that our vaccines must not only be effective, they must be safe. No expense should be spared -- no shortcuts allowed. Or as granny used to say 'Anything worth doing is worth doing well.'


Cooked up in a hurry, usual testing requirements suspended, spooky ingredients (already banned by the military) included to make it go a bit further, the manufacturers not to be held accountable for vaccine injuries, the possibility of becoming made mandatory (already has been for some health care workers). . .

What's not to love about it ????

I fervently hope that I am needlessly afraid and that this virus remains mild as it moves among us so that we can avoid having to use this vaccine and the risks that its hurried preparation has entailed. I pray the goddess gives us that.

Much has been written about the issues surrounding the plans for vaccination for the Swine Flu. Some of the most comprehensive summaries I've seen have been published by Dr. Joseph Mercola at his website. To keep things simple, I'll share these few:

Swine Flu Pandemic: Fact or Fiction

The Swine Flu Vaccine's Dirty Little Secret

The Vitamin That Keeps You Safe

What to do If You Are Forced to Take Swine Flu Shot (An updated analysis of the flu shot issues by a prominent physician/scientist and check the bottom of the page for advice on what to do to minimize the "toxic" exposure if you have to take the shot.)

And from the halls of history, a time when the goddess was still in memory and the goddess gift of knowing the healing properties of herbs was still alive, we're pleased to share the recipe for:

The Vinegar of the Four Thieves.   Enjoy!

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