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:: The Goddess and the Valentine::     


Making Whoopie, Goddess-Style

February 15 was a big deal in ancient Rome. It was the beginning of the annual Lupercalia, an early precursor to matchmakers.com. It celebrated the foundation of the city/state of Rome.

Lupercalia was also a festival celebrating erotic love. It was held in honor of the Roman goddess of love and marriage, Juno. (The Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.  And it was

Valentine Goddess Venus (Aphrodite)

In fact, it was so hot that the name of the month, February, was derived from the Latin word "febres", meaning feverish.

The feast days celebrated the founding of Rome, and a pagan priest led the festivities. Part of the program included his "whipping" all the women to ensure their fertility.

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The Emperor, a pagan himself, hated the festival for military reasons. And that's why the renegade priest, Saint Valentine,  ended up on the executioner's block . . . all for the crime of just performing marriages.

But that's another story. And we tell it along with the tale of the very first Valentine card and an explanation of how Eros, the Greek god of love, got shrunk into Cupid.

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There's an important lesson of the goddess  Aphrodite (Venus). She's the irresistible goddess of romantic love.

Her message is this:

Love shouldn't need a special day
to make an appearance!

Looking at each and every one of the
 goddesses, we see that:

Whether they were 'partnered up' or not,

they were loving and passionate to. . .

their nature,
their 'callings', and
their selves.

Oh Goddess, May it
be that way with us.



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