The home page and the Goddess Quiz pages of the website are now listed with several of the major (and minor) search engines. Hooray!   Now we can cut back on the expensive Pay Per Click Ads. . . and let people find us through the search engines.  So far many of our visitors seem to be finding us through word of mouth. So thanks to all of you who have helped spread the word.

Greek Goddesses: New Page added to Goddess Gift Website

Amazing really, how strong the influence of the ancient pagan deities has remained over the centuries . . . how deeply embedded they are in our daily lives, our holidays, and even our vocabulary… and how they continue to enrich and enliven our lives in contemporary times.
Check it out at:

Men, Myths, Minds Launched (sort of)

We put up the front page of Men, Myths, Minds, a site where men will be able to take the quiz and discover their "god archetype". Currently "under construction" at   Work on the site will
have to wait until we've got the Goddess Gift site well-developed, but we did put up a page where men can order gift certificates for the "Goddess Quiz" for a Valentine gift

That's the good news. Now the bad news . . .in spite of a very good response to our Pay Per Click ads resulting in a large number of visitors the first week, we've had no sales yet.  Any ideas why not? 

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