goddesses gathering


goddess gathering


Goddesses Gather to:


  • celebrate friendship

  • honor the feminine spirit

  • mark important events
    in their lives

  • bring joy and creativity
    into their lives!


Goddesses recognize that their "girlfriends" are the jewels in their crowns. Goddesses in their own rights, a goddess friend is always there to speak encouragement, offer comfort, hear confessions, share books, tears and laughter, and to keep us on the Goddess Path.

Goddesses also know, deep in their "heart of hearts", that the eternal feminine spirit is something to be treasured. A wise goddess nourishes that goddess-given spirit . . . in herself and in all the goddesses she counts as friends.

Goddess gifts of joy and creativity await you in abundance in the gatherings of goddesses.  Joy needs tending in our lives. Where better to embrace our creative female powers that in a circle of our "soul-sisters", whether it be at quilting circles or at goddess parties of our own making?

Goddesses encircle each other with bonds of sisterhood, linking women everywhere. It is in this spirit that these ideas and stories of goddessses gaathering were contributed by the subscribers to the Goddess Path Newsletter.



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