goddesses gathering


goddess gathering


Goddesses Gatherings

Basic Recipe for A Successful Gathering of the Goddesses


  • Goddess Friends
    (any number, but we suggest multiples of 3 to honor the Triple Goddess)
    Note: Some goddesses "do" better marinated than others, so be sure
    to see the Food and Beverage suggestions below

  • A Goddess Theme
    (Not essential, but see the stories that follow for inspiration.)

  • Invitations to the Goddesses
    (needn't be "formal", just a phone call would do....but creative is usually "fun")

  • A Goddess Greeting When They Arrive
    ("Merry Meet" will always do, but so do hugs and kisses )

  • Food and Beverage*

  • Candles
    (Let the light of the goddesses encircle you!
    Choose candles in the colors of the goddesses you wish to invoke.)

  • Activities to Invoke the Goddess Presence**
    (Honor the goddess or goddesses by asking them to bless
    your gathering, to lend you their special graces, and
    to keep you ever mindful of your connection to the feminine divine.)

  • Goddesses Fun and Games
    (Just Do It! Goddess Gals come by it naturally, so you don't have to plan!
    But for some great ideas read the stories below to get your creative juices flowing.)

  • Parting Properly
    (Blessed Be!)


*  Food and Beverages. (Some ideas for gatherings of goddesses.)
    Needn't be fanciful, but doing something special can be fun!

Coordinate with your theme or, if you're honoring a special goddess incorporate one of her symbols into the menu...for example, seafood for Aphrodite, a special bread for Demeter, olives for Athena, edible flowers for Persephone, Bar-B-Q Pork for Hestia.  (In case you need ideas, you can find the goddesses' symbols here.)

If you have a theme of Egyptian goddesses, beer would be appropriate, while the Greek goddesses would favor wine and the Celtic goddesses would feel at home with mead. Lemonade and herbal teas do nicely too.

One of our contributors described a gathering where each of those attending created a "special" liqueur in honor of her favorite goddess: vanilla or apple for Aphrodite, almonds for Isis, melon for Persephone, etc.

Her recipe was simple: Sterilize beer bottles, 1 for each goddess, and use corks that fit them. (Or you could use other suitable containers.) To six (6) ounces of vodka, add two (2) ounces of strongly flavored "goddess essence" that you've made by simmering the special ingredient in water for an hour or so (or use 2 Tablespoons of concentrated extract or flavoring such as vanilla, almond or orange extract, etc.), and 2 tablespoons of "rock candy". Seal the container and let set for one month (cycle of the moon) before serving. Voila!   


**Activities to Invoke the Goddess Presence

Do those words sound  "too wiccan" or "too heavy" for your tastes? Do they conjure up images of prayer circles or dancing naked in the moonlight, not at all something that you or your friends would ever do?

We suggest you consult the chapter "Celebrate Your Friends With The Muses" in Laurie Sue Brockway's delightful book A Goddess Is A Girl's Best Friend: A Divine Guide to Finding Love, Success and Happiness. Laurie, an interfaith minister  who is widely recognized in the women's spirituality community, provides beautiful examples of invocations that you will find appropriate to your tastes. (And lots of other great ideas as well!) You can click on the image to get more information.

Now that you have the general idea, it's time to see how goddesses like you have used their creativity and joy (and occasionally a bit of "goofiness") to good use.  Click here to read the stories of some fantastic Goddesses Gathering.



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