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Persephone,  teach me to approach new situations without fear and to welcome challenges that I can manage with success.

Help me to have the courage to go after what I really want and need, even if it means that I can't always please everyone who cares about me.

Persephone, grant me your ability to relax and have a good time.

  • Persephone, help me give full attention to the moment I am in so that I do not miss valuable opportunities that come my way.

    Persephone, teach me to not be too critical of myself when I seem to lack initiative and discipline.
  • Support me, Persephone, so that I can be more supportive, good-natured, and receptive to others.

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Goddess, like you, I accept responsibility for my happiness and for meeting my own needs.

Persephone, share with me your heightened awareness of sensations and beauty, and the ability to focus on living in the here and now.

  • Great Goddess, remind me that  my value does not depend solely on compromising just to please other people.
  • Persephone, help me to accept others as they are.
  • Goddess, let me be a loving and forgiving person.
  • Today is my chance to be healthy and happy.



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  • Great Goddess, I give myself credit for knowing what is best for me.

  • Persephone, lend me your ability to experience joy in life, greeting each day knowing that my life is full of amazingly wonderful surprises.

  • I allow myself to march to the beat of a "different drummer", not always trying to remake myself into somebody that I think is what others expect and want of me.


Thank you, goddess Persephone, for sharing your happiness in working for the good of others.

Remind me, Persephone, that I can release all indecisiveness and move on with my life.


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  • Persephone, teach me how to trust my intuitions and follow my own path.
  • Help me remember that the times of greatest sorrow also lead to the moments of greatest growth.
  • Persephone, lend me your ability to sense an invisible spirit present in the world, and allow me to stay connected to my past while my life undergoes changes and upheavals.
Goddess of the Underworld, help me to release my need to please others if it means sacrificing my own dreams and ideals.

Persephone, show me how to release the limits I impose on myself and to experience all the success and enjoyment I can out of life.


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