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Want to bring more Persephone qualities into your life?
Everything you do to nurture your own innocence and sense of wonder
will help enlarge the influence of Persephone.
Some suggestions follow:

Slow down and, like Persephone, take time to smell the flowers. Make it a point to watch a sunrise occasionally, even if it means losing a few minutes of sleep. Experience the world with a great  big "WOW"!.

Persephone blossomed from a naive and innocent young child into a self-confident queen almost overnight. Find a picture of yourself as a young child. Place it in a lovely frame and set it out where you can see it and admire how vulnerable and innocent you look.

Think about your past. What were the things you did that were heroic? that caused you embarrassment or pain? Write them down and review them frequently, releasing any negative judgments that you formed against yourself.

Persephone, as Queen of the Underworld, was renowned as a gracious and welcoming hostess. Practice really giving your full attention to someone else,   listening  to them with both your heart and mind.

Leave all your adult responsibilities behind for just one day.   Now it's time to play. Don't worry what other people will think, call it a Mental Health Day if it makes you feel better!

Give yourself over to an ecstatic experience on occasion. Search for it in music or in dance. Let your feelings overwhelm you with their intensity as you   release them with all the careless abandon that you can muster!




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Move toward letting go an old resentment. Forgive, or at least accept with understanding, someone (perhaps a parent) who you feel betrayed your youthful innocence by forcing you to assume adult responsibility before you were ready.

Build yourself a flower garden. Spend the dreary winter months perusing all the seed catalogs, and cast hundreds of seeds when spring appears. Don't be rigid or  judgmental; flowers don't really have to grow in rows!

Build or buy a bat house (bats are one of Psyche's symbols). Hang it proudly  to welcome these fascinating and helpful little creatures into your yard. If you, like some, are afraid of bats you should learn more about this endangered species and what you can to ensure their survival.

Keep a jar of bubbles and a wand at home and work. When things start getting really stressful, blow bubbles. You'll be surprized at how much better it will make you feel!

Take care that your passions and affections, like Persephone's, aren't being divided. When you need to channel your energy into fewer,  more rewarding directions, visualize what you want to happen and repeat it often . . . until your positive thoughts become a habit, and your intentions a reality!

Work on becoming more trustful that it is safe to express your feelings, even if it means risking rejection. Reach out and let others know how you feel about them.
Keep fresh flowers at home and in your office. Go to the park and play on the swings.  Whistle while you work. To summarize, develop a free spirit and enjoy the spontaneous pleasures that are so freely available in this life.
Surround yourself with
Persephone 's symbols. Dress in her colors, and luxuriate in her youthful energy. Carry a quartz crystal and spray the scent of lavender on all your linens!

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