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  • Psyche, remind me that I am free of any damage from the past, and help me to transform my life into something higher.

Great Goddess, help me celebrate my uniqueness today.

Psyche, calm my inner fears and so that I can hear my heart more clearly.

  • Psyche, let me be like you and share the goodness of my life and my friends with others.
  • Goddess of spiritual union, remind me that I don't have to have a partner to be in love, that  I can be happy in love with life itself.
  • Share your ability to learn from experience, Psyche, so that I took can master the challenges in my life.

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Psyche, lend me the ability to forgive my shortcomings and accept imperfections.

Great Goddess, I rejoice with you in celebration of my wholeness.

Psyche, remind me to set my worries aside for a while and to be lighthearted today.

  • Thank you, Psyche, for helping me to be friendly, optimistic, and sensitive to the needs of others.
  • I give myself permission to rest and relax and to sleep restfully.
  • Psyche, show me how to stay focused on the things that really matter.



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  • I call on you, Psyche, to help me develop my true talents by accepting who I really am.

  • Psyche, teach me to "sort the seeds" so that I can set priorities and remain mindful of what is important in my life.

  • Psyche, help me to see and trust the love that others offer to me.

Great Goddess, help me to remain centered and emotionally available to others.

Teach me, Psyche, to seek and accept the help of others when it is needed.

Goddess, I accept responsibility for my happiness and for meeting my own needs.

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  • Psyche, you had to learn to harden your heart against the cries of those who would distract you with their neediness. Help me learn to occasionally "turn a deaf ear" to those who are always demanding my attention and take the time I deserve to focus on my own needs.

  • Goddess, guide me to friends who add fun and lightheartedness to my life.
  • Psyche, you remind me to stay flexible, poised to face the changes that come into my life.
Psyche, grant me your ability to ignore the obvious and to trust in my own intuition and creativity.

Goddess, help me to acknowledge what I really want and empower me to seek it, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Psyche, lend me your ability to reveal the true self without being ashamed or afraid.


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