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  • Rhiannon, help me to release all feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness.

Remind me, Rhiannon,that I am secure and grounded in the realities of my life.

Your faith in the future is strong, Rhiannon. Share it with me today.

  • Rhiannon, help me to accept uncertainty and ambiguity in my life.


  • Great Goddess, remind me that my life and its struggles are both meaningful and rewarding.


  • Lend  me your ability to recover from setbacks, Rhiannon, so that I can move forward to the next challenge in my life.

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Free me, Rhiannon, from worrying so much about pleasing others and help me learn to stay on my own path through life.

Rhiannon, remind me to reach out to others with confidence today.


Great Goddess, help me to release my fears that others may exploit me.

  • Thank you, Rhiannon, for helping me to be optimistic  and serene today.
  • Rhiannon, I join you in supporting others from the fullness of my heart.
  • Rhiannon, show me how to release any dark and destructive fantasies.
  • Goddess, I affirm that I have the courage to overcome my doubts and fears.

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  • I call on you, Rhiannon, to help me trust that I can make miracles happen in my own life.

  • Shield and protect me from negativity. Keep me solid, anchored in my strength.

  • Rhiannon, like you, just being alive fills my heart with joy.

Great Goddess, help me remember that times of sorrow are opportunities for the greatest growth.

Share your forgiving, nonjudgmental approach with me today, Rhiannon.

Rhiannon, remind me today that, like you, I am caring and have a good heart.

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  • Goddess, guide me to friends who truly understand and believe in me.
  • Help me let go of all shame, guilt, and harsh judgments of my self.
  • Rhiannon,  help me endure my pain and release any hurts or grudges that I harbor.
  • Great Goddess, help me see the beauty in others, even if, like you, they seem to be different. Let me celebrate the diversity I see around me.
Goddess, help me not to give myself too readily. Remind me to cautiously evaluate the consequences of my decisions.

Rhiannon, remind me that I am solely responsible for my feelings and that no one can "make me" feel humiliated without my consent.

Great Goddess, help me to keep my environment peaceful and harmonious today.


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