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Want to bring more Rhiannon qualities into your life?
Everything you do to stay on your own personal goddess path through life
will help enlarge the influence of Rhiannon.
Some suggestions follow:

Be confident. Act confident. Others will see your strengths if only you will accept yourself.

Select something or someone that you feel strongly (or passionately) about. Then throw yourself with abandon into expressing your care, even if it means risking rejection or calling attention to yourself.

Sitting quietly, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Imagine yourself on horseback, flying through the moonlit night, hair flying in the wind. Whenever you begin to feel overburdened by your responsibilities, recall this image of your complete freedom and your load will lighten.

No matter how busy you might be, set aside some time each day to really connect with someone you really care about...take just a few minutes to give them your full attention and some quiet appreciation. You'll find yourself a much more loving and desirable person.

Rhiannon, who later became the Lady of the Lake in the Arthurian legend, was known for granting the wishes of those who would ask directly for what they wanted...while ignoring those who would (or could) not state plainly what they wanted. Practice speaking directly and telling someone what you really want. When someone asks where you want to go or what you want to do, be prepared to answer. You decide which movie to see or where you would like to go for dinner!

Dance your cares away. Turn on the stereo, and release your body in the passion of the music. Twirl and leap until your head begins to spin. Rhiannon was the goddess of the wind.



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Permit yourself to feel beautiful, free, and loving. Without feeling guilty, make the time to do those things that delight and please you.

Do something by yourself that you would usually do only with a partner or a friend. Have a leisurely meal in a nice restaraunt or go to the movies alone! Like Rhiannon, learn to enjoy, or at least tolerate, your solitude. Lushoun you

Go horseback riding! (Or for the less courageous, just go to the stables and spend some time getting to know a horse a bit! Or read "Seabiscuit" by Laura Hillebrand, and absorb a bit of this magnificent creature's strength and endurance.)

Take your place in the limelight, even if it makes you uncomfortable at first. Call attention to one of your contributions to the family or community. Don't be bashful . .  .make sure they notice!

Celebrate the winter solstice this year, for it is when Rhiannon gave birth to her son. Light  bayberry candles and decorate with  ornaments of ruby red, green, silver and gold. And don't forget to drape a few garlands of pine or cedar around the house as an additional  reminder of the  presence of Rhiannon!

Take a walk in the woods or the park. Listen carefully for the songs of the birds. Let your spirits  soar with the sounds of their morning chorus! They are a reminder that after periods of rain and sorrow, the warm light of the sun will bring our hearts to life again.

Release your sorrows. Lay down any hurts and resentments that you have experienced in the past and continue to carry as a burden. Accept them as experieces that have made you the person that you are, but move on. Get help if you need to, but face your future unburdened by the past.
Take care that you don't become distracted, like Rhiannon, and let your passionate energy be misdirected. When you need to cut your losses and channel your energy in  more rewarding ways, visualize what you want to happen and repeat it often . . . until your positive thoughts become a habit, and your intentions a reality!
Surround yourself with  Rhiannon 's symbols.

Dress in her colors, and think of her appreciatively as you light a bayberry candle and put on your moonstone earrings!

Goddess Rhiannon Quiz


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