Actually, Goddess Gift is not about us. It's about you! 


We've built Goddess Gift to be entertaining, insightful and, more than anything else, meaningful. With a site that moves, inspires, and connects people, Goddess Gift is prepared to be your personal Goddess Path.



Visit us when you want to feel to
feel whole, connected, and engaged with others
in the entertaining and often mysterious patterns of life.


About The Organization

Goddess Gift's parent organization, The Goddess Path, was founded in 2001 with a mission to provide visitors with tools for psychological assessment as well as an internet experience of the highest quality to support their personal growth.  Goddess Gift is dedicated to self-knowledge, inspiration, and improvement. 

One of our major contributions to these ideals was the compilation of a psychological test, the Goddess Quiz, that was professionally developed, and is entertaining, and relevant to real people's lives.  We're proud of the information and the choices we offer, but we're equally proud of their quality . . . and we're confident that our visitors will agree we have plenty of reason to be. Goddess Gift draws some of the most inquisitive visitors on the web, especially women attracted to the site's empowering and down-to-earth environment.  Our visitors are curious, highly participative, and motivated towards self-development.

The History and Inspiration

The mother-daughters team that founded The Goddess Path have been preparing personalized goddess reports as gifts for friends and family members since 1992. The enthusiastic feedback they got  from those receiving the reports led them to decide to establish a presence on the web where they could reach a broader audience.

Who Are We?

The backbone of the team at Goddess Gift include:

Sharon Turnbull, author of Goddess Gift   Sharon Turnbull, the website's midwife, and bestselling author of Goddess Gift (a book about finding the goddess in you) holds a doctorate in educational psychology is a senior partner in a consulting firm offering educational services to the health care community. 

Widely known in the United States as a speaker at seminars and conferences, she served as a professor and administrator at four universities during an academic career that spanned three decades. 

Joining her on the management team at Goddess Path are her daughters Liz (as Communications Editor) and Sarah (as the Shopping Goddess). Liz, holds a double-dipped degree in foreign languages and psychology, and is a professional massage therapist with a keen interest in psychoneuroimmunology and a successful private practice. Sarah, mother of two, majored in special education and shares her extraordinary talents working with severely disabled elementary school students.. Both Liz and Sarah are teaching assistants in the Patient Simulation and Women's Health Programs at the Quillen College of Medicine.

And yes, we will proudly disclose our goddess types! Sharon is an Isis, Liz is a Psyche, and Sarah claims Persephone as her personal goddess type. No surprises there!! And the gorgeous graphics that adorn this site come to us from the talented Mindy at Peapod Design.

We'd Love to Hear From You

Goddess Path's mission is to improve the way people discover and connect with the important experiences in their lives  . . . information, entertainment, and inspiration. And, of course, to honor the goddess in every woman.

The gals at Goddess Gift would love to hear from you.  Let us know how we're doing and how we might improve.  Just click here to get in touch.

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