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The Goddesses are proud of what they've accomplished. First the website and the Goddess Quiz, now a book about goddesses and personal archetypes. (Be sure to use the link to meet the book's authors.) The Goddess Gift website contains the myths and stories, as well as goddess symbols, of the following goddesses from several different cultures: Norse goddesses frigga & freya hestia inanna demeter  hera  hecate atalanta  ondine sophia   rhiannon mazu Egyptian goddess nut baubo  Isis   mnemnosyne (Memory)  Amaterasu   kali parvati   sedna yemaya iambe     ix-chel (ix chel) saint brigid ix-chel arachne and athena aphrodite (roman goddess venus)  persephone  psyche green tara white tara baubo   white buffalo calf woman artemis  brigid   sophia inanna rhiannon mazu hecate  isis  Amaterasu & Uzume   hestia demeter   brigit athena goddess parvati   yemaya greek goddesses     persephone  psyche  white buffalo calf woman    sedna bast (bastet) artemis hindu goddess kali    nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp; After you've read the goddess stories, check out the popular Goddess Quiz (and the online Greek Gods Quiz for men)-- online personality tests that reveal the personality type that functions as an archetype. Learn to connect with your inner goddess when you discover the goddess within. nbsp;nbsp;: : : : : :nbsp; nbsp;