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Goddess Archetypes

Why Knowing your Goddess Archetype

Can Help Improve Your Life

Archetypes function as predispositions in the personality, driving our motivations, beliefs, values, emotions and behavior.  Archetypes are also a source of spiritual wisdom and authenticity that, when activated, give us a sense of meaning in our lives. 

The results of your Goddess Quiz that are presented in your Goddess Report will tell you which goddess is your archetype (personality type) and how your archetypes can be used to guide your personal growth. It will reveal how your archetype reacts to situations that involve friends, family, intimacy, work, stress and health. Acting like a mirror, archetypes can help you see and understand the underlying reasons for the patterns of your life.

Each goddess archetype has both strengths and weaknesses. When you know your archetypes, you can capitalize upon those strengths and guard against the archetype's weaknesses (your underdeveloped traits). The more you function within the strengths of your inherent goddess archetype, the stronger and more confident you will become, the more control you have over your life, and the better prepared you are to make the choices that create the life you want. 

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