The Benefits of Discovering 

Your Personal Archetype


Knowing your Archetype can help

improve your personal relationships!

enhance your self-esteem!

reduce your stress/help protect your health!

help you find a satisfying career!

What are you waiting for? 


Knowing your Archetype

. . . can improve your personal relationships!

The personalized report offers an in-depth view of our most intimate relationships, how our archetype influences the way we form our relationships with our loved ones. . . our mates, our parents, and our children. 

Understanding the different archetypes provides a positive framework for managing the natural differences between people, differences that so often end in disappointment or conflict.  Honoring these differences is the key to success in our relationships. After all, it is the incredible diversity that makes life so colorful!!!

. . . can enhance your self-esteem!

Whether or not you feel there is anything wrong in your life or with your personality, an archetype analysis can be beneficial when you begin to seek insight or understand in the patterns of your life. It can help you to identify the authentic you. We all, at times, wear masks--a face we show to others. And sometimes we find ourselves wearing them so often that they seem to have "grown" onto us and become permanent.

The masks we wear represent who we feel we are expected to be or  who we have been coerced to be from our family of origin and/or are partners.  Often our behavior is a facade, a way to protect us from feelings of disappointment, rejection, loneliness, fear, guilt, and/or shame. We may try to protect ourselves using angry outbursts, by manipulating others, becoming overly dependent or self-sacrificing, by becoming depressed, or by simply withdrawing. This only increases feelings of isolation and loneliness and builds barriers that prevent true intimacy in our relationships.

Only change brings growth, and positive change emerges from a seed of truth. Your archetype will make it easier to accept your "true" nature, warts and all. Each of the gods is wonderful, but each also has some pretty striking flaws! Once you accept yourself for who you really are, you can begin to honor your true self by giving yourself permission to be that person.  You can finally feel strong and confident enough to take off the mask and to fully embrace the uniqueness that you bring into this world.

. . . can reduce your stress and help protect your health!

Your archetype impacts every aspect of your life, including your health and sense of well-being. In fact, recent research suggests a direct link between personality and illness.  

Your personal archetype represents the orderly arrangement of your personality that helps you deal with life.  If your life is highly compatible with your archetype, all is well.  If, however, your circumstances force you to function largely outside your personal type, you will view your life from a negative perspective and experience stress and emotional discomfort. 

Our thoughts and emotions are deeply intertwined.  Negative thoughts provoke negative feelings that rob the body of the energy it needs to remain in healthy balance, leaving us susceptible to illness.  You can enhance your well-being by knowing the ways your type functions under stress and the characteristic thoughts and behaviors that put your type "at-risk".

 . . . can help you find a satisfying career!

Read how knowing your personal archetype can help you identify and manage your career by clicking here.

What are you waiting for? 

Without a doubt, your personality is the most important factor that drives the success of your career, your relationships, your health and happiness. To harness the tremendous potential of your personality, it is important to first recognize it and then to gain insight into how it influences  your life.

Once you accept yourself for who you really are, you can begin to honor your own "true" self by giving yourself permission to be that person.  You can finally feel confident enough to fully embrace the uniqueness that only you can bring into this world.









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