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       Knowing your goddess type can

. . . help you find a satisfying career!

Understanding your goddess type can provide valuable insights. Like career assessment tests such as career personality tests, the Goddess Quiz sheds light on the preferences, needs, and strengths that you bring into the workplace.

Your goddess archetype greatly influences your career. Personality tests, widely used in career assessment programs, give vital information about what fields will offer the most satisfying career.

Career tests like these can help you match your work to your personality. When your career is a good "fit" for your strengths and your patterns of behavior, it will be more “natural” for you.

The Goddess Report will identify where you stand on a number of work-related traits and provide a listing of fields that women of your type usually find fulfilling. When your career allows you to capitalize on your goddess type, it is interesting and energizing, almost fun. 

If you’re about to select a career or enter the job market, use you knowledge of your goddess type as a guide to selecting an ideal position that is a good match. Or use your new understanding of your strengths and limitations to improve your performance and satisfaction with the job you already have.

What are you waiting for? 

Like most career personality tests used for career assessment, the section of the Goddess Quiz that functions like more "traditional" career tests also results in a report offering an in-depth view of how your personality influences the way you learn, think, work, and relate to others.

Without a doubt, your personality is the most important factor that drives the success of your career. Harness the tremendous potential of your personality, understand it and gain insight into how it influences  your career.


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