Colin Heaney Glass Art

Colin Heaney, internationally acclaimed for his distinctive art glass, explores the theme of the divine feminine in this goddess collection.  Goddess Gift was pleased to be offered the privilege of sharing his exquisite goddess sculptures with our readers.

The goddesses were created by hand in Colin Heaney's studio in Byron Bay on the northeast coast of Australia. Sadly, they are no longer being made as Colin has closed the studio and is now turning his considerable talents to the design of beautiful silk scarves.

Since current stock is the last we will be able to obtain for you, supplies are limited. We will make every effort to fill your order, but cannot guarantee that any specific item will be available.

The Goddess of Willendorf, also known as  the Venus of Willendorf, inspired the exquisite glass art goddess collection from Colin Heaney.

Goddess of Willendorf in the Goddess Glass Art Collection