Goddess Shrines


goddess shrines

These Goddess Shrines are a perfect reminder to include the goddess in your daily life, whether sitting on your office desk or your home altar.

The shrines are approximately 5.5"/14 cm high x 4.5"/11.5cm wide x 1.5."/4cm deep and available in a range of color combinations that are absolutely stunning.

Handmade in Colin Heaney's studio, each piece is one of a kind, varying in color and pattern. Made of solid glass, they are very durable.

With your purchase, you will receive a special meditation/prayer card designed for honoring and invoking the Sacred Feminine.

The yoni symbol appears frequently in the exquisite glass art goddess collection of  the internationally acclaimed glass artist Colin Heaney that features the famed  Goddess of Willendorf. The goddess nestles warmly in yoni shrines and in the goddess pendants from the collection.

Sadly, these objects of grace and beauty are no longer being made as the artist has closed his studio and is now turning his considerable talents to the design of beautiful silk scarves.

Since the current stock is the last we will be able to obtain for you, supplies are limited. We will make every effort to fill your order, but cannot guarantee that any specific item will be available.

Goddess Shrines  $97