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The patient goddess of Travel Agents

She’s the one we pray to daily to keep our sanity in the day to day life of travel agents/consultants. 

Agentia, is the protectress of our Travel agent/consultant sanity.

She's the one you pray to to keep grown men from whining on the phone or in the queue at the airport. We beg her help when flights and hotels are unavailable, and preferred seat assignments are not available.

We ask her indulgence when we have to lie to hotels to get clients out of "no show" charges. And we ask for her to grant us patience when speaking to Bob Roberts or Bob Smith in India or Malaysia about a problem with the client's air reservations. And most of all we Pray for her guidance when dealing with rules and regulations of airlines and general travel.

She is an indulgent Goddess who knows that we are only human and not the all powerful beings who can create flights, hotels, and cars out of thin air. She is celebrated after business hours at happy hours and private celebrations with many libations of various kinds.

She is a kind and patient Lady who know the day to day insanity of our jobs and strives to keep us grounded and sane. 

 ~ Debbie Osterhoff  
    Minneapolis, MN, US

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