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The "Scent-sational" Aroma-thelia

" I am the moisture that preserves everything in nature and makes it live, I pass from the upper planes to the lower, I am the heavenly fat of the land, and the fiery water and the watery fire, nothing may live without me. “

Scent-sational Aroma-thelia is genuine beauty in all aspects; inner, outer, and secret. Aroma-thelia is born of living plants, nourished by the soil, sun, and rain. Aroma-thelia essence is known as Essential Oils and vibrates with the subtle energy of our earth. She has and always will bless this planet with the gift of life force for the flowers, tree, bark, plants, and human kindness.

Each essence has specific meaning and healing. The essence within the botanical offers their potent pure-fumes as critical ingredients for magical blends that heal the mind, body, and spirit. Energy, science, and divinity is Mother nature’s medicine.

The enchantment of fragrance is a mixture of many ingredients during the seasons of change creating evocative aromas for Spring the promise of the sweet pure-fume of lilacs and apple blossom. The warm, sultry fragrances of roses and freshly mown grand send sensual messages of summer days. The smell of wet maple leaves conjures memories of autumn, and the aroma of balsam gives the picture of winter.

You may use these pure "scent-sations" by inhalation, topically to effectively treat a wide range of health issues by stimulating certain nerve endings situated in the upper part of the nose known as olfactory receptor cells and carry nerve impulses or messages to the brain, the limbic part of the brain is stimulated, the area of memory, emotion and sex drive, and relates to the instinctual responses of a series of chemical reactions initiated by the essential oil affecting the physical and emotional changes in the body.

As the Essential oils are inhaled, tiny molecules are also taken into the lungs, and absorbed into the blood stream- topically through the skin a stimulation or relaxation of the nerves is created. Messages are relayed to the underlying tissues, muscles, blood and lymphatic vessels, via the nervous system to the pituitary gland, the mater gland that regulated the action of all the other endocrine glands, including the adrenal.

These effects make Aroma-thelia an enormous benefit in treating hormonal problems, relieving stress, and enhancing relaxation. 

 ~ Dana Salvador  
   Sparta, NJ, US

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