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Blessed Marigold
Our Lady of Protection in Household Chores

Blessed Marigold wraps our hands in her golden yellow body of protection and guides us through that most loathsome of life's trials - housework! She tenderly guides and protects us through the horrors of hot soapy water, cleaning products, dirty ovens, filthy floors, unspeakable bathrooms and grimy windows. Her golden yellow protection is strong and durable, yet soft and pliable. 

Blessed Marigold is a Goddess beloved by slovens and slatterns like me who loathe and detest housework! She holds our hands and wraps them in her golden protection and guides us through the horrors of dishwashing - eeekk - cleaning the bathroom - yuk, scrubbing floors - arrgghh! - washing windows - puleezz!! Blessed Marigold eases our path through these horrible but necessary chores, Her golden radiance constantly smiling at us through the filthiest water and smelliest chores!

Cleaning litter trays is a breeze when accompanied by Blessed Marigold, puppy accidents of no consequence - Blessed Marigold sweeps all before Her!

Shortly after my marriage, my mother, a long time Priestess and devotee of Blessed Marigold, noticed how red and chapped my normally smooth and well groomed hands were. As a new wife, I was struggling with the demands of housework, a job and a new husband, not to mention COOKING, and the mountains of dishwashing that entailed!

My mother remonstrated with me for neglecting my visits to Blessed Marigold's Temple (my mother's kitchen), and deduced that I must be held in another Goddess's sway, because there were no offering's or shrines to Blessed Marigold in my local Temple (my kitchen).

In fact, she was horrified to note that I WAS worshipping a rival Goddess - a Goddess who promised that hands that do dishes would be as soft as my face - a Fairy Goddess, no less. My Mother begged me to recant, and return to the fold of Blessed Marigold, promising me that if I was faithful to Her, my hands and nails would soon be returned to their former glory, and I would be able to sweep through my chores in a flash, as Blessed Marigold would be my strong protector.

That very day, I began my devotions, and allowed Blessed Marigold into my life. Not only does She help me with my household chores, but She is my constant companion in the garden.

Her strength and reliability have helped me plant and grow a riot of colour, and in honour of Her, I make sure I have many golden yellow flowers blooming throughout spring, summer and autumn.

Hail Blessed Marigold, may my hands be forever protected and shielded by Your golden rubber gloves.

 ~ Doreen Hopwood 
    Alexandria, Scotland, UK 

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