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Corpora Amoroso 
The Goddess Who Banishes Belly Shame

With so many women in our modern world convinced that their bodies are inadequate too fat, too skinny, bootie too big or small, breasts too saggy, etc, etc. . . . and a culture that continuously reinforces our insecurities about our bodies . . . we are deeply in need of the Goddess of Body Love. 

Corpora Amoroso helps us to realize that our body is a gift to be celebrated and enjoyed. She makes us WANT to exercise and eat well, so that we can enjoy good health and take pleasure in our earthly temples NOT because our body must conform to a very narrow definition of beauty.

Call on this goddess when perusing beauty magazines filled with page after page of ads for beauty products invented to conceal, enhance, and modify.

Call on her in the department store dressing room as you try on bathing suits.

Call on her when you are thinking that "just a little Botox might be fun..."

She comes to us when we are feeling most vulnerable about our bodies.

She is a shape-shifter who takes on the shape of whatever it is that we need to see in ourselves - strong, powerful, fast, smart - and reminds us: My body is strong and serves me well.  My body is intrinsically beautiful.  My body is capable of great pleasure.


~  Cathy Moore 
    Townsend, MA, US

~ The Goddess Dancing - Belly Dance for Body, Mind & Spirit~


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