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The Goddess:  DanceItOffYa
Our Lady of the Heart and Soul Boogie

DanceItOffYa’s myth hints of origins in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian word ‘ib’ (sometimes translated as ‘ab’) was the word for “heart-soul”, most important of the seven souls. The hieroglyph for ‘ib’/‘ab’ depicts a “tiny dancer” in the midst of the body, dancing the very rhythm of the heartbeat just as the Shakti of Shiva dances the rhythm of life in the cosmos.

She is quite possibly a granddaughter of Hathor, whose sistrum was from the Greek word 'seiein', meaning ‘to shake’, which Our Lady most assuredly loves to do!

Yes, Our Lady is one who loves to dance - to JOY! Rhythm is her other name and carefree movement is her game. Her mantra is, “Go, baby, go!”

To invoke DanceItOffYa, we must listen closely to the song of joy that is always present (really, it IS!) in our hearts and be ready to follow that rhythm. If we don‘t, there is no use to resist when DanceItOffYa insists that we dance to her tune, commanding our feet to “get happy!”

Wheee! Wallflowers, beware! She will drag you straight to the middle of her dance floor, demanding that you “get down with you glad self” and let go of all that is blocking your bliss and blessings. You must dance with her until your “go-go” is rising! Raise those arms, shake those hips! Dance a jig, flip your wig!

She doesn’t care as long as you’re moving and grooving right along with her to her feel-better tune!

~ Sheryl Strayer
    Le Roy, Illinois, USA

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