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The Goddess of Gluttony

This deity blesses her devotees with the ability to consume any food they wish—especially chocolaty dessert items and deep-fried dishes—without ever gaining an ounce or cholesterol point. 

 Most of us know the tortures of life on a diet. Even when we’re not technically “dieting”—if we’re lucky enough to make that “lifestyle change” that all the nutrition books say we need to make—we’re still living a life of deprivation.

We always have to find time to do some grueling exercise while we also account carefully for everything we put in our mouths. And frankly, you have to admit that the foods that are the best for us simply don’t taste as good or come in as convenient packages as the foods that make us fat.

The Goddess Eatwhatyawanna knows our pain, and with a wave of her well-toned arm, she can erase any irresponsible calories we’ve eaten and help us stay in perfect physical shape.

~ Tara Koellhoffer 
   Chalfont, PA, US


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