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Mamma More
She Who Saves You From Your Last Nerve

Mamma More, loving Goddess who helps women dig deep within themselves to find that last bit of patience, calm and compassion when they are clinging to that final straw of sanity and feeling it snap.

 Mamma More has been around forever and always and knows of the stressful demands women encounter in their daily lives as they juggle jobs, family, health concerns, balancing budgets, housework and the ever constant whines from children and spouses.

Mamma More is just a heartfelt plea away from stepping in and helping the frazzled woman find her last tiny bit of patience and compassion, even if they have to dig down to the tip of her toes to find it, and bring it out into the open before this stressed lady’s final nerve snaps like peanut brittle.

Whenever your to-do list feels like a 35 pound frozen turkey chained around your neck and your days are filled with past-due bills, children who need to be driven to several after school activities, a job that eats away your soul, loads of ignored laundry, uninspired dinners and a husband who usually wants sex when all you want is a shoulder rub and sleep, just call upon Mamma More for her help before you decide the only way to save your sanity is to run and hide in a cave with boxes of cupcakes and bottles of wine for a few years.

While just saying her name generally catches her attention, you may also be more formal and call out to her by clenching your fists, rolling your eyes up to the heavens, biting your lips for a minute while your nostrils flare slightly from heavy breathing and then grit your teeth together as you call out to the ceiling, "Oh dear Goddess, send me more strength to keep me from strangling this foolish person and stop me from ramming my fist down their throat to shut them up!"

You may have learned this from your own mother as you were growing up, being that this prayer has been around for centuries.

Honor Mamma More, be thankful for her timely help and her cosmic hugs, listen to her advice and spread the calming love she opens within you out to others, for the more you give, the more you will receive.

 ~ Denise S Williams 
    Jackson, Michigan, US

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