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Goddess of Wisdom and Remembrance

Menopausia, Goddess of Wisdom and Remembrance helps us remember where our shoes and keys are, where we left our pocketbook and guides us through hot sweats, mood swings and bouts of forgetfulness. 

Menopausia is a compassionate goddess who understands that we put our shoes in one place and they are moved by the shoe fairy who is extremely playful. The car keys have wings, as well, during menopause and Menopausia gently and nimbly moves them to a familiar place, where we forgot we put them. Sometimes, because she is extremely playful, she lets us search for quite awhile for our missing shoes and keys and just when we are about to give up or explode from frustration...she guides us to our chosen object.

In addition to her busy work as a key and pocketbook guide, Menopausia is a divine intervener of nightly sweats when we lay, miserably in our soaked pajamas, with sweat pouring out of every space. She will send a gentle breeze, make the air conditioner kick on some cool air or will ease the sweats just as we are about to run into the winter's night air, naked.

She guides our hand in the health food store to tinctures and oils and herbs and pings our memory bank when it is time to take our natural remedies. She provides us with an assortment of fans, paper plates and napkins when we are out in public to politely fan ourselves with.

Lastly, Menopausia feels great compassion for those of us in menopause and just as we are about to cry or scream from frustration, our grandchild's name pops into our head.

As we stare blankly at a colleague whom we have known for ten years, their name pops into our mind and we feel a delicious feeling of joy and relief.

She helps us remember words, songs, movie titles and books we read the day before. Menopausia is a goddess of compassion and humor and patience. 

 ~ Susan Heller Fisher   
   Hauppage, NY, US


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