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The Goddess Un-Send
Protectix of Those Who Transmit (press Send) and rue the moment.

Goddess Un-Send, protectrix of those who transmit (press Send) and rue the moment, is immediately summoned with the invocation "Oh *expletive-of-your-choice*!"  Sister of the Goddess iVa, the DiVa.

Her mother is the Goddess Regreta, protectress of all who find that what felt like relief is more akin to regret— a vast range of responsibilities indeed if one considers that with any care. The God eTronic is father to both Goddesses, imbuing both daughters with mystical digital powers. 

Since the advent of the internet, Un-Send is one overwhelmed Goddess. (although she began exercising her craft with the introduction of the telegraph and later the telephone).  She is adapting to humankind's advances with the clever use of interrupted DSL services and teaching humans the practice of The Advance Apology. (apologizing for a misstep before the affected party is aware of the offense).

Un-Send rather enjoys watching humans attempt humility and is known to refrain from intervening just to see if we are "getting it." Un-Send sighs a lot, she knows that rashness and inattention are not really our most pressing problems, although it may seem so at exactly the moments that we invoke Un-Send. 

She will occasionally drop everything and completely obliterate a truly evil transmission—but Un-Send is a Goddess with a streak of mischievous justice and will usually require a hefty digital sacrifice—your not-backed-up hard drive or the computer that controls the operation of your car!

Many supplicants decide that it is usually better to fumble about with The Advance Apology and spend a requisite amount of time groveling than to offer up all one's digital data to this frisky Goddess. 

~ Terre Spencer
Marietta, GA, US


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