The Goddess Gifts Giveaway

Celebrating the publication of the book:
Goddess Gift: Discover Your Personal Goddess Type

To celebrate the publication of The Goddess Gift: Discovering Your Goddess Type, Sharon Turnbull, the book's author, is giving away her own goddess gifts.
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 Each month we'll be giving away two gifts from the following collection of Goddess Gifts.

You don't need to purchase the book to enter the drawing. To enter, just fill out the entry form below.

The gifts will be chosen from the following collection :  Goddess Gifts 
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You can also see them scrolling across the screen on the left (click on the image if you want to see additional information about the item.)

This month's prizes:::

Instructions: Electronic entries for drawing must be received by midnight on the first day of the month. Mail-in entries should include your name and hometown and state/province, and must be received by seven (7) days after the electronic entries deadline.

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