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The Goddess of Confidence       

Flaunta, The Goddess of Confidence can be found in the compact mirror of women everywhere. She may be viewed as over confident and snobbish, but that is because the ones around her misunderstand her capabilities.

Flaunta is the second cousin of Aphrodite, the Goddess known for her beauty. With that sort of family history, it is easy to see why she is so beautiful. She was not always as confident as she is now. When she was young she often felt inferior to not only the Goddesses around her, but also the women on earth.

Flaunta always thought that for a woman to feel beautiful she must have someone tell her that she was. Since Aphrodite is in her family, she was usually forgotten or looked past because she was not as pretty as her cousin. Therefore Flaunta always remained in the background and did not question why she was not born with the beauty her family was famous for.

For Flaunta, it was not that she was not beautiful, it was merely that she did not see herself as beautiful until much later. As she grew older she began to notice that the women on earth, no matter their height, size, race, or hair color, were confident with their beauty. She watched as confident plus size women strut down the runway in fashion shows with no less confidence than the women who were smaller than them.

She also looked up to the strong women in the workplace, the ones who owned businesses, and the women who struggled through school to receive the education they deserved. Flaunta then began to look at herself more carefully in the mirror and was beginning to see how beautiful she truly was. She started to walk more confidently with every step by mimicking the models on the runway by strutting everywhere she went.

The Gods and Goddesses around her noticed her sudden change and were immediately put off by it. They noticed that she spent more time looking at herself in the mirror, walked as if the world would bow to her feet, and had the ability to make any man stop in their tracks with just one look. Aphrodite shunned her immediately by spreading rumors that Flaunta was a  narcissistic Goddess that did not deserve the beauty she was endowed with, and if she was truly a selfless Goddess as she claimed she was, Flaunta would not be another Narcissus, the young boy that was in love with his own refection.

Flaunta was not angered by this, instead she continued to keep her confidence and explained to Aphrodite that she only wanted to follow in her older cousin's footsteps and be as confident as her. Flaunta was smart and she made sure to show respect to the older and wiser Gods and Goddesses above her. She asked Aphrodite to make her the Goddess of Confidence to inspire the women on earth to be confident with their looks, body shape, and hair type no matter what anyone thinks.

Aphrodite granted Flaunta her request without a second thought, because she felt there needed to be a new type of Goddess in this world. One that showed how to be confident in what ever endeavor a women comes across, whether it be that new job, a promotion, or entrepreneurship, that a woman may need an extra push to inspire.

It was later discovered that Aphrodite knew Flaunta did not live up to the name given to her, so she decided to test her will power. For a long time she feared Flaunta would never break out of her shell, but was over-joyed when she had brought out another strong Goddess from her family. After all, Aphrodite's family was known for strong Goddesses.

Flaunta is shy by nature, however she makes her appearance known by staying close to women who have no, or have lost their confidence based on the pressures of life.

She stays with someone until they have gained their confidence, then Flaunta moves on to the next person. She is more apt to helping women because she can relate to their low-confidence, however she understands that men can have low-confidence as well.

Flaunta is now known as a Goddess to be reckoned with, a Goddess with intelligence, confidence, and the beauty to match. She has matured over the years and is respected for her hard journey. 

 ~  Ginger  
     Santa Clarita, CA, US

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