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The Goddess Awayith Da'Bill 
Divine Counselor to those entrapped in debt

Goddess Awayith Da'Bill motivates us to take action and pay off the debt accumulated by living in modern times and in doing so helps us create prosperity, financial freedom, and peace of mind for the future.

Her colors are green, blue, and silver. Imagine her in a free flowing dress of these colors, wearing a necklace of Jade, Pearl and Silver. Her hair is sky blue and her eyes are of the richest green imaginable.

She confides to the Cranes and Blue-Jays who bring her blessings to our eyes and ears. Near the Ocean, she sings in harmony with the Humpback Whales. Her magical gardens are full of Thyme, Burdock, and Catnip from the Plant Nation that are the herbs that can aid us in matters of money and prosperity.

She has petitioned the aid of the Stone Nation and they have provided money drawing stones of which a few are Tigers-Eye, Jade, Pyrite, Opal, Lodestone and Peridot. Even the Oysters of the Oceans Blue have offered their powers, brought to Her by the Singing Whales, in the form of Pearls. Do thank the Oysters for their sacrifice in providing such a valuable gift if you choose to use them.

She Create a Goddess, 2007 contestenjoys all symbols of prosperity, balance, and currency from every culture and every society. Create an altar with any of these materials and symbols then invoke Awayith Da'Bill into that sacred space, using this or an invocation of your own:

Awayith Da'Bill! Awayith Da'Bill! I call unto you for your help! Come and stay awhile in my home, here at this altar I have created for you, and give me courage and strength to overcome these bills that have entrapped me in a paralyzing debt. I've spent too much. I've lost control.

Support me through braking this bad debt spell! From me this debt has been born, Through me this debt shall pass. As I will it, so it is to be!

Confide to Her in this sacred space you have created when you need support and strength to carry out this mission. Seek her out in your heart when you feel weak, and are tempted to spend that hard earned money on something new, knowing it should go toward things or services already purchased.

Carry a symbol of Her with you if you do not feel strong enough when out and about, or cannot trust yourself not to spend the money deemed for the bills. It will not be easy, but with the Divine help of Awith Da'Bill, you will be set free from the entrapping debt.

Place receipts of payments to the debt(s) at Her altar as thanks for Her motivation and your ability to pay what needs to be paid. Place spare change around her or in a cup as a token of prayer and thanks. At the end of each year, donate those coins to a good cause. She will bless you fondly when these donations are sent to those organizations who support and fight for the lives and homes of the creatures of the Mother Earth.

When your debt has been paid off and Awayith Da'Bills' services of encouragement and freedom of debt are no longer needed, disassemble the altar built for Her, send any leftover coin donations to a charity of choice, and use the receipts to get a fire going for a ritual of thanks and celebration. Dance around the fire and sing praises for you are now free from [a] debt!!

To help you keep this new found freedom, call upon Goddess Spendi O'Smart or Goddess Saves A'lot who will help you keep your financial freedom in check. Simple Money Drawing Ritual Take some sea salt (table salt will do in a pinch-it's the intent that makes it work) and on your chosen surface, draw a pentagram in salt.

In the center place a green candle, either alone or on top of a mock or old bill with "Paid in Full" written boldly across it in, the center of the pentagram. You may choose to anoint your candle with an oil that attracts money such as Ceder, Sage, Jasmine, Patchouli or Peppermint to name a few or mix a few of these to make your own money oil to your liking. Take five money drawing stones (all the same or each different) and place one at each of the pentagrams points as you speak (or think):

"I place this stone to draw money to me. Awayith Da'Bill I ask your help in keeping me on course to pay off this [these] bill[s]." Stay in front of the candle as it burns, starring into the flame and visualize paying the bills on time-every time, not missing a payment, and finally rejoicing in the bill(s) paid in full status with the money you are asking the Universe to send to you (with harm towards none of course) for thirteen minutes.

Repeat this ritual once a day for the next 7 days and when all is said and done, place the salt, stones and any remaining candle or candle drippings along with the bill (if you chose to use one) onto a square of green cloth. Bring up the four corners and tie closed with green cording. Carry the bundle with you where ever you go to continue to attract money and to remind you of your duty to pay off the debt that hinders your financial freedom.

Once the bill(s) are paid for, give the salt back to the Earth by throwing into water or rinsing down the sink, recycle the candle remnants, and clear the stones by whatever method you use most. Place this amulet on Awayith Da'Bill's altar when or if you are unable to carry it with you.

Simple New Moon Money Drawing Spell: On the night of the new moon take one of your checks [or create a mock check] and fill in your name in the "Pay To" field. DO NOT WRITE IN A DATE on the date field. With the intent having enough for what you need in life and still paying off those pesky debt bills, write "paid in full" in both the money box and the line provided to write out the dollar amount. Sign the check "The Law of Abundance". Place the check in a safe place and repeat on each new moon.

On New Years Eve, collect your checks and burn them in a ritual of thanks and celebration. Continue to do this for as long as you need the extra money to pay off those pesky debt bills. For added benefit, anoint the check with a money drawing oil or add it to the pouch mentioned above. Still another idea would be to create a special green pouch just for these checks.

Wishing Pearl Spell: Find and purchase the cheapest pearl available. Attune to the pearl and thank the Spirit of the Oyster that the pearl came from for it's sacrifice in providing you with such a beautiful and powerful magical tool. This is best performed at the time of a New Moon, but any time will do in a pinch.

Hold the pearl in your hand and visualize money coming into your life and see yourself using it wisely. Still holding this visualization in your mind throw the pearl into moving water...a stream, river or the ocean. As the pearl makes contact with the water element once more, it will set to work to bring your wish to manifestation.

Go back to the spot where you threw the pearl into the water monthly at about the time of the New Moon and mentally "feed" your wish pearl by continuing the visualization of money coming into your life and you spending it wisely.

Sit and meditate on this visualization for at least thirteen minutes, more if you have the time. Bring some patchouli or cedar incense with you to aid in manifesting the goal. Remember to always leave nature as you found it, what you bring in-take out with you (except the pearl of course!).

~ Rexenne "C4G" Reeves
   Madison, WI, USA
   Crow Calling Woman-The Blog of a Crafting Goddess

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