Create a Goddess, 2007 contest

The Little Book of Goddesses::

The Goddesses You Created

1. Corpora Amoroso 
      The Goddess Who Banishes Belly Shame

With so many women in our modern world convinced that their bodies are inadequate – too fat, too skinny, bootie too big or small, breasts too saggy, etc, etc. . . . and a culture that continuously reinforces our insecurities about our bodies . . . we are deeply in need of the Goddess of Body Love. 

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2. The Triple Goddess Hormonae
      Our Lady of the Perpetual Cycle

Like the other Triple Goddesses, Hormonae, through her three different yet complementary aspects, evokes all that is womanly. With Hormonae those faces seem to be: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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3. Eatwhatyawanna: 
      The Goddess of Gluttony

This deity blesses her devotees with the ability to consume any food they wish—especially chocolaty dessert items and deep-fried dishes—without ever gaining an ounce or cholesterol point. 

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4. Blessed Marigold
      Our Lady of Protection in Household Chores

Blessed Marigold wraps our hands in her golden yellow body of protection and guides us through that most loathsome of life's trials - housework! She tenderly guides and protects us through the horrors of hot soapy water, cleaning products, dirty ovens, filthy floors, unspeakable bathrooms and grimy windows. Her golden yellow protection is strong and durable, yet soft and pliable. 

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5. Menopausia 
      Goddess of Wisdom and Remembrance

Menopausia, Goddess of Wisdom and Remembrance helps us remember where our shoes and keys are, where we left our pocketbook and guides us through hot sweats, mood swings and bouts of forgetfulness. 

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6. Goddess Tantra

This goddess will protect you from all tantrums by those around you from children to your boss and more!

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7 DanceItOffYa!

Our Lady of the Heart and Soul Boogie, DanceItOffYa moves and grooves, casting off those cares and worries with every wiggle, jiggle, and, yes, even a giggle or two!

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8. Goddess iVa
The Digital DiVa

Iva, The Digital DiVa: The goddess of all things digital, especially one's own devices.

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9. Awayith Da'Bill
Divine Counselor to those entrapped within debt

Awayith Da'Bill helps motivate us to take action and pay off the debt accumulated by living in modern times and in doing so helps us create prosperity, financial freedom, and peace of mind for the future.

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10. Goddess Randuhma
         She Who Loves to be Completely Random and
          Poke Fun at Those Who Are Stressed Out

Randuhma, She who loves to be completely random and poke fun at those who are stressed out beyond belief. It doesn't matter if your paper is due the next morning and your only half way down, for she will come to you and remind you there is more to life.

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11 Goddess Maramadyn
       The Goddess of Growing

Maramadyn helps all things grow. Just to name a few things she helps us grow . . . crops, bones, children, grass, flowers, trees,  sheep, goats, hair, and anything else you can think of.

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12. Goddess Stretchucanna
         Our Lady of Meager Paychecks and Muscle Cramps

Stretchucanna, Our Lady of Meager Paychecks and Muscle Cramps, helps you find those little extra bargain to make those pennies last, and you can count on her to help you limber up and ease sore muscles. Truly, this goddess multitasks with the best of us.

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13. Goddess Nutritionista
         The Goddess of Unlimited Healthy Food

Goddess Nutritionista, great grandaughter of Demeter, goddess of nurturing love and compassion, Nutritionista is a beautiful nurturing goddess of healthy nutrition.

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14. Goddess Un-Send
        Protectrix of Those Who Transmit (press Send)
        and Rue the Moment

Goddess Un-Send, protectrix of those who transmit (press Send) and rue the moment, is immediately summoned with the invocation "Oh *expletive-of-your-choice*!"

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15. The Goddess Barcoda 

The goddess Barcoda will let you know the price of you Bar Code item and help you stay in your budget.

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16. Mamma More
        She Who Saves You From Your Last Nerve

Mamma More, loving Goddess who helps women dig deep within themselves to find that last bit of patience, calm and compassion when they are clinging to that final straw of sanity and feeling it snap.

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17. Flaunta
        The Goddess of Confidence       

Flaunta, The Goddess of Confidence can be found in the compact mirror of women everywhere. She may be viewed as over confident and snobbish, but that is because the ones around her misunderstand her capabilities.

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18. The Goddess Ninlil (Anew) 
          Lady of the Wind (Mesopotamian)

The Goddess I created is Anew, a devoted subject to the teachings of Anu, the God over Gods.

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19. Agentia 
        The patient goddess of Travel Agents

She’s the one we pray to daily to keep our sanity in the day to day life of travel agents/consultants. 

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20. The "Scent-sational" Aroma-thelia

" I am the moisture that preserves everything in nature and makes it live, I pass from the upper planes to the lower, I am the heavenly fat of the land, and the fiery water and the watery fire, nothing may live without me. “

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