The Goddess and The Gift of Gab

When a goddess makes a pronouncement, it pays to listen up. Here at the Goddess Path we've been working on a new contest for our subscribers to the Goddess Path newsletter that you're sure to enjoy. As always, we try to make it playful and creative.

Ready to Play?
See the entry form at the bottom of this page.

May We Quote You On That?

Let the annual competition begin! In previous years we've enjoyed "Creating Goddesses for Contemporary Times" and writing "Goddess Poetry".

This year your challenge, should you accept it: Provide us with a quote, the author of the quote, and the name of a goddess that it exemplifies.

For example:  "Be a Goddess, or a doormat." (Pablo Picasso) is one of my personal favorites and it certainly sounds like something that the goddess Aphrodite might have said!

Prizes will be awarded to the 'Favored Five'.
First Place: Goddess Statue
Second: Goddess Pendant
Third - Fifth: Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser & Oil

And gift certificates to take the Goddess Quiz (or Greek Gods Quiz) will be awarded to five contributors drawn at random.

All valid entries will be published in the Inner Goddess Blog  (Be Advised that 'The Censor' will not post obscenity, intolerant/hateful stuff, violence, etc.)

Winners will be announced in the March Edition of the Goddess Path Newsletter.

To Enter:

Step 1. If you have a quote that's ready to go, proceed to Step 3.

Step 2. If you don't, then add this page to your Favorites and go out and find one. Think about the goddesses you love, and decide which one would have said something like that. (Need ideas?  Look at the entries we've already posted. Just go to the Inner Goddess Blog, scroll down to the December 14 entry and check the posts.)

Step 3. Return to this page and complete this form to submit your entry:   ; Goddess Gab Entry Form
Just type in:

  • your quote

  • name of the author

  • name of the goddess you think would say something just like that

So ..... Let Your Inner Goddess Roar!!

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