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The Goddess Randuhma
She Who Loves to be Completely Random and
      Poke Fun at Those Who Are Stressed Out       

Randuhma, the goddess who loves to be completely random and poke fun at those who are stressed out beyond belief. It doesn't matter if your paper is due the next morning and your only half way down, for she will come to you and remind you there is more to life.

Randuhma can be found fairly easily throughout the day, and even night, but she seems to be most drawn to those very stressful times when your ready to get up and scream at the next thing that happens that you don’t particularly like. Like when you have work due at the office, or at school for the younger folks, as well as a multitude of other stressing things with family and/or friends.

She comes in many guises, preferring to not repeat one thing over and over, like an IM from a friend’s/older family member’s ex from 4 years ago saying “Hi! How are ya?” To which you would like to respond, “I’m in the middle of a crisis and about to go over the edge and lose my mind” but you can’t help but stare dumb founded at the screen, unable to comprehend the oddity of what just happened and then laugh at it all.

A personal favorite, is when you get a call from a friend, doesn’t matter if you just saw them 10 minutes ago or 5 months, and you're in the shower trying unsuccessfully to relax. You left your cell in your pant pocket lying on the floor, and even though you don’t want to, you can feel yourself moving against the rationality of your mind and step out of the shower to answer. And then you listen to your friend talk about nothing in particular before you say you’re in the shower and have to go.

Randuhma loves to have a good time, and hates to see people bend backwards to do nothing but work work work. So she has made it her duty to come to us when it is most inconvenient and remind us that there is more to life than stress and work, and that sometimes we need to push everything aside and frolic in the sprinklers or sing at the top of our lungs even when we are the last person anyone wants to hear singing.

She definitely lives by the quote “Live, Laugh, Love”. She doesn’t have a chant to be called by, but if you want to honor her then all you need to do is anything a bit out of place that comes to mind. Summersaults, dancing to unheard music, or laugh aloud to nothing in particular.

Randuhma loves the weird looks on other peoples faces when they watch someone be less than professional and will be grateful and more than willing to return to help you out if you repay her with a good laugh. So thank your stars or whatever is in your pockets, and when something random comes along, enjoy the break.

~ Piper Hoffman
   Rancho Cordova, California, United States

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