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The Goddess: The Triple Goddess Hormonae
Our Lady of the Perpetual Cycle

Like the other Triple Goddesses,  Hormonae, through her three different yet complementary aspects, evokes all that is womanly. With Hormonae those faces seem to be:  the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Hormonae's best known (and most beloved) face is Estrogena. She is a perfectly feminine, even 'girly', essence and has a voluptuous figure that just screams 'fertility'. She attracts attention everywhere she goes; lust and envy follow her every step she takes.

In one way or another, Estrogena is the source of all beauty--everything that takes our breath away and fills us with joy and an awe for life.

Her much maligned second face is Progesteronae, the Cleanser. She is as striking as her more popular sister but her features are edgier, more intense, and, in some phases of the moon even a bit puffy and bloated. When Progestonae visits, she leaves the Gift of PMS and her devotees are suddenly stuck with some of the less pleasant emotions and physical sensations known to humankind.

This has led many to assume that she is an evil or malicious goddess, but the truth is far from this.

Though Her gift may be 'irritability' in its many guises, it endows us with the sudden courage to banish the yucky and destructive things that have crept into our lives through the lousy choices we have made, thereby allowing us to renew and revitalize our lives each month. (Not to mention that this goddess also makes it possible for us to bring new human life into the world!)

Cycle after cycle,  Androgenia, the third face of the Goddess, follows and works with her sisters in a balancing act. More masculine in appearance, the ambitious and assertive Androgenia energizes women and helps them play active roles as well as passive ones.

Taken together, the three faces of the Triple Goddess bless women as  they take their turns in our life cycle, inspiring us to flirt with loving abandon, bring new life into the world and nurture it, reinvent ourselves on a regular basis, consume massive amounts of chocolate, and courageously change our world into something healthier for us all.

It may be easier to love Estrogena, but we will all benefit by learning to appreciate ALL aspects of this Triple Goddess Hormonae . . . the good, the bad, and the ugly.

~ Anna Maya
    Vancouver, BC, Canada


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