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A Goddess You Created

The Goddess Tantra        

She will protect you from all tantrums from those around you from children to your boss and more! Her powers of calm and stun are amazing not to mention teleportation!

This is the goddess all of us need. She is especially helpful to parents. She will stop all tantrums from children when called upon in desperation ( the more desperate you are the more “physical” will her powers manifest ).

She will not only stop squabbling children but freeze thrown food in mid air! She will cause crayons not to write on walls and even blunt scissors as they descend upon the pet or themselves ( or their clothes or siblings or even their parents when they are sleeping)! She will bring calm to any squabbling and no child under her “protection” can utter the words – Mommy can I – or “Are we there yet” or “Why can’t I?”

Also any teen under her protection will be teleported back home at their designated curfew. And wait there is more!

She also protects you from partners tantrums and brings peace and serenity to the home (even if their lips seem sealed shut). And not only partners (here is the and we have free steak knives for ya bit ).

She will protect you from any tantrums thrown at you – from the store clerk to your bank teller to your boss (and customers)! She does not discriminate! And in very desperate times she will even make the voice at the drive through McDonalds’ understandable!!

Now you think she will only help if the people are throwing a tantrum at you? Noooooooo!! You know those kids in restaurants that run around screaming? She will teleport them back to their table and freeze their blessed little mouths and hold them there. (Side effect their parents have to take home their dinner in doggy bags but hey she is there for you!)

The squabbling next door neighbours? She will put a cone of silence around them for you! Her powers are endless! Even those family get togethers she brings peace and harmony to (remember the freezing of flying food??).

So if you want peace harmony and understanding in your life, don’t reach for your hair to pull it out!! Call upon the goddess Tantra!!!

~ Christina Whittaker
   Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia


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