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iVa, The Digital Diva        

The goddess of all things digital especially one's own devices (and yes, she now carries an iPhone). Ask her for her help when counseling a sister goddess on one one's cell phone and the low battery alert chimes. iVa will miraculously prolong the battery life until the words comfort and nurture are received. The goddess of emails sent and received. Invoke iVa when one is handling a sensitive matter via email, VOIP or cell phone. She will engulf the communication in the energy in which it was intended. Beware, however, iVa is rather forthright, not one to disguise one's real intentions. Also, the goddess who helps one remember one's myriad passwords, protects from hard drive crashes and insures successful downloads, secure transactions and TiVo recordings.

She is the goddess at play when one hits the Send key, she really appreciated being invoked beforehand. She also is the correct goddess to implore for jammed printers and bad cell reception, broken ATMs and non-responsive copiers. She protects one's websites and identity in the digital realm.

She is associated with damaged files and is the correct goddess to consult when anything digital is awry. Definitely a goddess that sees all digital devices in the service of humanity's higher potential, she is as likely to advise that you have lunch with girlfriends as she is to defrag one's hard drive. She has nothing to do with computer war gaming or online porn. (In fact, the trojan horses and unstoppable pop-up windows that infect computers after visiting online porn sites may well be her handiwork) She holds that digital devices are here to honor women and promote cooperation, and she is quite feisty in creating that outcome.

Although iVa has nothing to do with making deadlines, she is the correct goddess to invoke if a malfunctioning computer and/or network is threatening to thwart such. iVa would like us to know that she existed long before 0s and 1s were a human concept patiently awaiting humankind's discovery of the powers that she oversees.

~  Terre Spence
    Marietta, GA, USA

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