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The Goddess of Growing 


Maramadyn, the goddess of growing is probably one of the most important goddesses of them all.

My fellow Sumerians and I pray to her before we go to sleep. We pray to her because we want our crops to grow without dying.

Maramadyn helps all things grow. Just to name a few things she helps us grow . . . crops, bones, children, grass, flowers, trees,  sheep, goats, hair, and anything else you can think of. Her tears provide water to help things grow.

 This amazing goddess only has one main characteristic, generosity.

She could be extremely generous by growing our crops. However, she was only generous under one circumstance, that we acknowledge her by praying and asking politely for growth. She enjoys watching people working on their crops and working together. The people who achieve those goals are the ones who get their wishes.

As a Sumerian, I am very, very lucky to have such an amazing goddess.

~  Maria Soyka (age 11), submitted by June Soyka Cook
    Newtown,  PA, USA

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