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. . . a site to celebrate, to nurture,
and to share understandings of the goddess in every woman.

Your own personal goddess awaits you here.
She will guide you on the path of self-discovery and personal growth,
helping you recognize your strengths
in ways that allow you to use your innate talents and strengths.

The Goddess Path . . .
Your road to growth and inspiration.

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. . . A book about the Goddess In You!
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Goddess Myths



Meet the


Explore the myths and symbols of the goddesses.

Learn about how they function as archetypes in the lives of contemporary women.


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Goddess Quiz



Which Goddess Are You? 

Take the Goddess Quiz. Discover what your goddess type says about you and your relationships,  career, and  health.

Read about the science behind the Goddess Quiz and how knowing your goddess type can improve your life.

Order the in-depth  report on your  goddess archetype. Buy
gift certificates for all the goddesses on your shopping list.



Goddesses Connect!

- Read provocative articles about a goddess and what she has to say about issues relevant to modern women in the Forum.

-Delight your friends by sending them free Goddess E-Cards.



Goddess Shop 




The Goddess Shop offers a unique shopping experience with items  thoughtfully selected to inspire and activate your goddess within.

 Browse the entire collection of glass art, goddess jewelry, and aromatherapy products.

Be sure to visit The Gallery of Goddess Art and see the beauty of the goddesses through artists' eyes.


Goddess Growth Personal Growth Grow Your Inner Goddess!

Find ways to use the knowledge of your personal goddess type to connect with your inner goddess to enhance your growth and give you the freedom to be the person you were truly meant to be.

Meditations, affirmations and mantras to invoke the goddesses and activities designed to activate the goddesses within.

Reading Room

Goddesses Read! Goddesses Read!

Find recommended readings about the goddess myths, archetypes, personality and goddess types, and links to many of our favorite goddess sites. Be sure to visit Pandora's Box . . . a collection of unusual and  fascinating articles you won't find anywhere else.

Goddess Names & Correspondence Chart

Greek goddesses, Roman goddesses, Celtic and Egyptian goddesses.. . . a virtual pantheon of goddesses names arranged according to how they correspond: moon goddesses, sun goddesses, warrior goddesses, and more.


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