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What are archetypes?

Archetypes are inner images that exist in the unconscious mind . . .universal images like "mother", "hero", "goddess", "witch", and  "trickster". These images populate our myths, folklore, literature and dreams.  The gods and goddesses are not presented here as objects of worship, but as universal forces in the human psyche that influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Contemporary interest in archetypes escalated after  Jean Shinoda Bolen published the  best-selling "Goddesses in Everywoman" that expanded on the work of the famous psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in asserting that once we learn to recognize these forces within ourselves, they can be called forth to empower us. 

By nature we each have a certain temperament, certain inborn characteristics. Your goddess archetype is the goddess who exhibits most closely a temperament like yours.  Your major goddess archetype represents this disposition, which is evidenced in how you behave, how you think and feel, and how you relate to others.  Since the goddess stories that are passed on in the mythology of human cultures embody the expression of female character types, they provide us with a rich and fascinating way to gain access to the personal archetypes that are active in our own lives. 

Does personality change? What's the difference between personality and temperament? And what does this have to do with archetypes?

Each one of us is born with an inherent temperament that predisposes us to develop as one of a number of goddess types.  These "goddess gifts" reveal themselves at an early age and remain fairly constant throughout our lives.  They influence how you learn and think, how you decide and act, who you select as friends and mates, even where your talents lie - in short, everything that makes you unique and guides the direction of your life.  This gift, your personal goddess type, is your favored, most trusted style in dealing with the outer world.

Think of your personality as being made up of two different aspects--your temperament and your character.  Your temperament is a set of predispositions you were born with, the result of your neurological "hard-wiring" and is not very changeable. Think of your temperament as a strong tendency of see or do things in a certain way, the style that usually seems most natural to you. For example, whether you feel more comfortable being a "talker" or a "listener" when around strangers is a matter of temperament.

Your character, however, develops from your experiences and how you interact with your environment. It is essentially a set of characteristic ways you have of dealing with things, a set of habits that you've learned. Character is more changeable over time. Your life situation challenges you to develop your character to survive/succeed in your environment when your experiences (or the roles you play in life) aren't good "matches" for your natural temperament. By exercising these other, less natural, sides of your self, you can gain psychological flexibility and some degree of personality change.

As archetypes, the goddesses reflect both temperament and character.  Consequently, the Goddess Quiz and your Goddess Report take both factors into account.

Will knowing my goddess type truly enhance my life? 

Without a doubt, your personality is the most important factor that drives the success of your career, your relationships, your health and happiness. To harness the tremendous potential of your personality, it is important to first recognize it and then to gain insight into how it influences  your life.

Archetypes function as predispositions in the personality, driving our motivations, beliefs, values, emotions and behavior.  Archetypes are also a source of spiritual wisdom and authenticity that, when activated, give us a sense of meaning in our lives. 

The results of the quiz  presented in your Goddess Report will tell you what your goddess personality type is and can be used as a guide to your personal growth.  It will reveal how your type reacts to situations that involve friends, family, intimacy, work, stress and health. Acting like a mirror, it can help you see and understand the underlying reasons for the patterns of your life.

Each goddess type has both strengths and weaknesses.  When you know your goddess type, you can capitalize upon those strengths and guard against the weaknesses (your underdeveloped traits). The more you function within the strengths of your inherent goddess type, the stronger and more confident you will become, the more control you have over your life, and the better prepared you are to make the choices that create the life you want. 

What kind of information will I get from my Goddess Quiz and Report?

Your Goddess Quiz will tell you which goddess shares your personality type. Using her myths, the report reveals how your personality type reacts to situations that involve family, friends, career, intimacy, and how you respond under stress. Your 20 + page Goddess Report highlights the strengths of your personal goddess type as well as her limitations. It also identifies the other goddesses present in your personality that you can call upon to help you find ways to make your life more meaningful and authentic.

How does the Goddess Quiz compare to the hundreds of other tests I see online?

Many of the other personality tests offered on the web are not serious tests, weren't developed by psychologists, and provide you with little useful information. Often they're offered for free and are used as "teasers" to sell a book or seminar.

Many of the tests we've seen offered are just a bit too "skimpy".  Honestly, just how much can they possibly tell you in a 5 to 10 page report!

We've even found a few "Discover Your Goddess" quizzes floating around on the web. We'll be the first to admit, they're a lot of fun!!

Also out there are a fair number of well-respected, widely used, and scientifically sound tests that do offer helpful information, but they tend to be more costly. We've seen prices ranging from $25 - $200 for similar services, with the "typical" price running around $50.

What we at Goddess Gift are trying to achieve is simple--to bring you the best of both worlds--to offer you an extensive, helpful report based on your responses to a scientifically sound questionnaire. By using the goddess archetypes as a motif, your analysis is presented in a way that will make it both fascinating and fun to read.  We think you'll agree that we've managed to do just that!

Is the Goddess Quiz scientifically sound?

The Goddess Quiz is based on material having a stamp of professionalism and credibility that is unrivalled in personality testing. Items in the test were developed by scores of experienced psychologists, statisticians and specialists in personality theory. Each item has been subjected to large scale validation studies.

The questions in the Goddess Quiz were chosen from the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP-NEO) that measures normal differences in personality on 30 different personality domains.  Over 200,000 people have taken the test online and thousands more as participants in various research studies throughout the world.  The items have proved to have high reliability and validity (i.e., accuracy).  We've carefully selected and tested 100 questions measuring 25 different personality factors that were the best indicators for the specific personality types that were represented by the various goddess archetypes.

Experts in organizations worldwide are using tests derived from the IPIP, including psychologists in private practice, governmental agencies, universities, and human resource departments.

As far as we've been able to determine, we're the only site that offers a scientifically based assessment with reports rendered in terms of the goddess archetypes.

People are so different. How accurate can it be when a test classifies people into a small number of categories?

Many personality assessments widely used today assign personality "types" on the basis of a small number of factors (e.g., 4-9) and try to fit everyone into categories without noting how the actual individual might differ from the overall "type".  At Goddess Gift, we take your assessment another step further, providing you with information on 25 key personality factors. We admit that this degree of personalization is not as unique as you really are, but pretty close to it!

Also, many of personality tests assign you to one of two possible "types" on the basis of those small number of factors.  You're either an extravert or an introvert, for example. There's nothing in-between. This often explains why we feel results weren't very accurate or "true".

One of our friends (who could be described as an extremely well-balanced individual) recently took one of the most widely used and respected personality tests. She scored neither high nor low on any of the factors it measured, and after reading her results she said, "Well, I guess I just don't have any personality!" That's certainly not a problem with the Goddess Quiz which looks at 25 different factors and lets you know how you compared to others of the same sex who are in your age group.

How accurate can I expect my Goddess Quiz and Report to be? What if something it says doesn't feel "right" to me?  

Here are the most common reasons when this happens:

  1. Testing errors--the person makes a mistake while taking the test and either "misreads" the question (usually trying to read too much into it) or accidentally checks off the wrong answer.

  2. It's possible to get a score that you are not expecting  because of current issues affecting your life. For example, someone who had just been "laid off" from her job might score much lower on the self-confidence factor than she normally would have. For this reason, it may be best to postpone taking a personality test when you are in the midst of major life changes. (Unless, of course, you're wanting a picture of how you're doing at that time.)

  3. Some individuals,  (and some goddess types) find it hard to see themselves accurately because their sense of self is rather undefined and they have a tendency to identify strongly with others, especially those they love and admire.  As a result these individuals often answer the questions in a way that reflects how they "wish they were" instead of how they really are. Often they give answers they feel are more "socially desirable".

How accurate your report will be depends on the accuracy/truthfulness of your answers to the questions on the quiz. Sometimes we may not want to admit a failing or weakness either to ourselves or to anyone else,  but it's important that we 'tell it like it is' since your report can only help to the extent that you are willing and able to look at yourself with openness and honesty.

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What should I do if I disagree with something in the Goddess Report, if it doesn't 'feel right' to me?  

Most of us take a personality quiz wanting to better understand what makes us tick. We're  understandably disappointed if we find ourselves being pigeonholed into a single category that doesn't seem to match the way we see ourselves. 

This is where the Goddess Quiz really excels!  We recognize you are unique and so we give you a thorough and in-depth look at a large number of dimensions of your personality.

But don't automatically accept the results of any personality test as being the absolute truth. No test is perfectly accurate (anything over 85% is usually considered to be a "good test"). 

So always verify your results  by comparing them with how you actually behave in your everyday life. It's hard for most of us to be totally objective,  so you might want to share your results with a trusted friend to ask how they see you behaving.

Who will see my report or my answers to the Goddess Quiz?

Not a soul (Unless YOU decide to share your results, of course!)  Read our Privacy Policy to get more information.

Can I get a refund after I've taken the Quiz?

Since your report is personalized we can't offer refunds. To learn more about our policy and practices, please see Goddess Gift's Terms of Service. We do, however, offer a Transformation Guarantee to those of you using the Goddess Quiz (or the Greek Gods Quiz) as a guide to personal transformation. You can read about it at Goddess Quiz: Transformation Guarantee.

How can I get in touch with you?

The goddesses would LOVE to hear from you. Just use this link to Contact the Goddesses.


The Goddess Quiz answers the question : Which goddess am I? and identifies your goddess personality type. Unique among personality tests online, the goddess quiz does what no other quizzes can do....it connects you with your personal archetype. Amply detailed, your 20+ page report covers 25 personality factors, giving you an in-depth look at the workings of your inner goddess nature. Featured goddesses include:   : Amaterasu  :: Aphrodite  :: Arachne :: Artemis :: Atalanta :: Athena :: Bast :: Baubo :: Brigid  :: Caffeina :: Demeter :: Freya   ::  Frigga :: :: Hecate :: Hera :: Hestia :: Iambe :: Baubo :: Inanna :: :: Ix-Chel :: Isis :: Mazu :: Nut :: Mnemosyne :: Ondine :: Ostara  :: Parvati :: Pele :: :: Persephone :: Psyche :: Rhiannon :: Sedna :: Sofia :: Tara :: Venus :: White Buffalo Calf Woman :: Yemaya :: ::