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The 2005 'Create A Goddess' Contest

2007 Details: Fully mobile, some of these goddesses are going places!

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Those of you who have been subscribers for quite a while know that every now and again we deviate a bit from the path and devote an issue of the newsletter to something a bit different, but always something fun. 

This was one of those issues, the results of the 'Conjure Up a Goddess for These Times' competition.

Creating so many delightful (not to mention diverse) goddesses for our contemporary times was a challenge for a goddess and our subscribers were  certainly up for the task!

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Fully mobile, these Goddesses Are Going Places

One of the winning entries is bound for inclusion in a book about 'found', i.e. 'discovered' goddesses.

And another, the Goddess Asphalta, written by subscriber Katherine Stock, inspired a series of 5 detailed wooden sculptures that have been added to the Goddess Collection of New York City artist, Bernette Rudolph. Visitors to the artist's Open Studio events get to meet the goddess of all things you do too!

The Goddess Asphalta

Asphalta, born of the Sun and the pavement, is the patroness of travelers everywhere. For those of us who travel on the road, Asphalta provides protection and a safe return.

Whenever you drive anywhere, breathe a quick petition to Asphalta for protection. She is the Goddess who watches over loved ones who are traveling on the roads. "While you are away from me, I pray Asphalta protect you and bring you home safely".

Like all Earth Goddesses, litter will upset Asphalta. If you want to  keep Her happy and ensure Her continued protection, keep a litter bag  in your car and dispose of it properly. If you see a candy wrapper on  the ground in a rest area, pick it up and put it in the trash can. This just may keep you from getting a flat tire or running out of gas at a most inopportune time.

Asphalta reminds us to remain focused when we drive. She rises to meet us and bestows Her grace upon us, but if we let our attention wander, She is the first to reprimand us.

She reminds us to color within the lines and play nicely with those who share the road with us.

Asphalta will protect you from the influence of road rage. The next time someone cuts you off, instead of getting angry and screaming, take a deep breath, count to ten, then say "My Lady Asphalta, keep me calm, and protect me from harm".

Can't find a parking space? Try this simple prayer: "My Lady Asphalta, full of grace, help me find a parking space."

Hang a small bell from your rear view mirror as a shrine to Asphalta.

The slight tinkling of the bell pleases Her and drives the gremlins away.

As long as there are roads, Asphalta will protect Her children who travel upon them.

The Goddess Asphalta
by Katherine Stock

Read the other winning entries at:  Found Goddesses

Best Reader Response: Blue Ridge Detail in Johnson City, TN (, offers customers affordable, high quality mobile auto detailing in the convenience of their homes. (Asphalta loves all things mobile!)


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