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Archetypes (personality types) quiz, Goddess Quiz & Archetypes (Goddess Personality Type)., Goddess Quiz Reveals Your Goddess Archetype, Personality Tests: career quizzes, Career tests by personality type, Gift certificates for the Goddess Quiz or Greek gods Quiz., Goddess Quiz Testimonials, Goddess Quiz: Big Benefit for an Athena type, Goddess Quiz : Just for Fun, Goddess Quiz : Let's get started!, Goddess Powers Quiz, Goddess Quiz: Goddess Personality Type, Goddess Quiz: Shy Personality Type, Goddess personality test : quiz, Personality Tests and Quizzes, Gift Certificates for the Goddess Quiz, Order the Goddess Quizzes or Certificates, Goddesses Quiz, Sample Report, Terms of Use.

Goddess Types featured on the Goddess Quiz: Which goddess am I? Quiz: Goddess Quiz : Aphrodite is Your Goddess Type!, Which goddess am I Quiz : You're an Artemis!,  Athena, the Goddess Quiz says you're an Athena Type!, Psyche is your goddess type!, Which goddess am I? You're an Aphrodite Type, Goddess Quiz: Arachne Type, Goddess Quiz: Artemis Type, Which Goddess Am I? Quiz: Atalanta, Goddess Quiz Results: Bast, Demeter Type, Freya Type,  Hecate Type, Goddess Quizzes say you're a Hera Type, Hestia Goddess Type, Which goddess are you? An Inanna Type, You are an Isis Type!, Goddess Quiz: Pele Type, Persephone type, Goddess Quiz: Psyche Goddess Type, Rhiannon Goddess Type,  Which goddess are you? Quiz says you're a Tara Goddess Type, Your goddess personality type is Yemaya.

Other details about the goddess quizzes: Goddess Quiz : Discover Your Goddess Type, Answers to your questions about the Goddess Quiz, Goddess Quiz Affiliate Program, Goddess Quiz & Greek Gods Quiz, Valentine's Day Special on The Goddess Quiz & Greek Gods Quiz, Order God and Goddess Quizzes, Goddess Quizzes Compared, Privacy of your Results, Goddess Quiz & the science of the IPIP-neo, Redeem gift certificate code for the Goddess Quiz or Greek Gods Quiz, Soul Full Filled Living.

Goddess Myths:  Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Greek goddess Artemis, Atalanta, Greek Goddess of The Hunt, Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Avalokitesvara and Kuan Yin, the God and Goddess, Bast, Egyptian Goddess (Basthet, Bastet), Cat Goddess Bastet (Bast), Baubo, Greek Goddess (the first sacred fool), Brigid, Goddess Caffeina, Brigid, Celtic Goddess of Inspiration and Healing, Goddess Caffeina, Roman Goddess of Coffee, Demeter, Greek Goddess, Freya and Frigga, Nordic Goddesses, Frigga and Freya: Ancient Goddesses of the Norse, Goddess Inanna, Goddess Ostara (Oestre), Goddess Ostara & the Easter Bunny : History of Easter Traditions, Greek goddess Psyche, Goddess Venus (Aphrodite}, Hecate, Greek Goddess, Hera, Greek Goddess, Hestia, Greek Goddess of Hearth and Home, Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Life, Mazu, Chinese Goddess of the Sea, Mnemosyne : Greek Goddess of Memory & Mother of the Muses, Ix-Chel, Mayan Goddess, Mnemosyne : Greek Goddess of Memory & Mother of the Muses, Names of the Goddesses Embodying Kuan Yin, Nut, Egyptian Goddess, Ondine, Parvati: Hindu Goddess, Pele: Goddess of the Volcano (Hawaii), Persephone, Greek Goddess of Innocence & Queen of the Underworld, Psyche, Greek Goddess of The Soul, Rhiannon, Celtic Goddess, Rhiannon, Celtic Goddess of the Wind., Sedna, Inuit Goddess of the Ocean, Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, The Egyptian Goddess Isis, The Goddess of Chocolate :: Ixcacao, White Buffalo Calf Woman: a Goddess of Peace, Yemaya : Goddess of the Ocean and Rivers, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Befana :: The Christmas Witch

Brief Descriptions of the Goddesses and their Myths: Amaterasu and Uzume (and the birth of Amaterasu),  Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of Romance, Arachne: Greek Goddess (Spider Goddess), Artemis:  Goddess of Light, Atalanta: Goddess of the Hunt, Athena:  Goddess of Wisdom, Brigid -- Goddess or Saint??, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Aphrodite: Greek goddess of Romance and Beauty, Arachne: Greek Goddess, Greek goddess Artemis, Atalanta, Greek Goddess of The Hunt, Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Avalokitesvara and Kuan Yin, the God and Goddess, Bast, Egyptian Goddess (Basthet, Bastet), Baubo (goddesses of  humor), Greek goddess Baubo, Demeter: Goddess of the Harvest, Freya: Norse Goddess of  Love, and Destiny, Frigga: Norse Goddess, Hecate: Goddess of the Crossroads, Goddess Kwan Yin, Goddess Ostara, Goddess Parvati, Goddess Pele (Hawaiian Volcano Goddess), Goddess Sedna: Inuit Goddess of the Sea, Aphrodite: Greek goddess of Romance and Beauty, Arachne: Greek Goddess, Goddess Tara, Hera: Goddess of Love and Marriage, Hestia: Goddess of the Sacred Flame, The Cat Goddess Bast, (Basthet, Bastet), The Egyptian Goddess Nut, Tara, Goddess of Peace and Protection, The Goddess Bastet, The Goddess of Chocolate, The Muses, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Yemaya : Goddess of the Ocean and Rivers.

Gods and Goddesses and Their Myths:   The Goddess Nut -- Casting stones? and a PostScript. Gods and Goddesses, e-Book: Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara Walker, Goddess: The Venus of Willendorf, The Yoni Symbol in Goddess Art, Yoni: Symbol of the Sacred Feminine

Growth: Meditations & affirmations for your inner goddess type: A Goddess Meditation, (video)

     Activities to invoke the Goddess Within: Goddess Hera (Juno), Goddess Hestia (Vesta), Aphrodite (Venus),  Artemis (Diana),  Atalanta, Athena (Minerva),  Goddess Demeter (Ceres),  Isis, Goddess Kali (Essay), Hindu goddess Kali,   Persephone (Prosperine), the goddess Psyche, and the Celtic goddess Rhiannon. Forge a Goddess Connection.

   Goddess Meditations and Affirmations: Meditations to Invoke the Greek goddesses Hestia (called Vesta in Roman mythology), Psyche, Artemis (Diana),  Atalanta, Athena (Minerva), Demeter (Ceres), the Goddess Hera (Juno),  Persephone (Prosperine) and Aphrodite (Venus). And Meditations to Invoke the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and the Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, Meditations to Invoke the Egyptian Goddess Isis 

Goddess Myths and Symbols: Symbols of the goddesses Psyche,  Aphrodite, Artemis, Atalanta, Athena and Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess also known as Bastet.  Goddess Symbols of Brigid,  Demeter, and the Norse goddesses Freya and Frigga.  Goddess Freya symbols, Hecate, Hera symbol, Hestia, Isis, and the Chinese Goddess Mazu (Matsu).  Symbols of the Greek Goddess Persephone, Rhiannon,  Yemaya, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Yemaya and Sacred Symbols of the Goddess Tara.

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Goddess Oils: Goddess Oils and Oil Diffuser made from essential oils. Read more about
Aromatherapy Oils:  Their properties, Essential Oils in Health & Wellness, & aromatherapy oils in general.
Aromatherapy Oils and Soaps: Properties, Essential Oils in Health & Wellness, and Aromatherapy Oils (see below)
Goddess Oils, Soaps & Oil Diffuser, & White Buffalo Calf Woman Bliss Mist
Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser: Nile Goddess Design
Aromatherapy Oils: Artemis Blend Essential Oils :: Athena Blend Essential Oils :: Demeter Blend Essential Oils  :: Goddess Blend :: Kore :: Kuan Yin Essential Oils :: Psyche Blend Essential Oils :: Venus Blend Essential Oils :: Chakra Oils
White Buffalo Calf Woman Meditation Mist

Goddess Soaps: Natural Soaps Handmade with Goddess Design
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Goddess Quiz and Greek Gods Quiz And other Goddess Goodies on sale at Goddess Gift to increase the goddess-ness in your daily life: Goddess Screensaver, Calendars and Note Cards,  Partners in the Goddess Shops, Valentine Gift Ideas including the Goddess Screensaver and White Buffalo Calf Woman Meditation Mist, Valentine's Day Gift Ideas.

Colin Heaney : Glass Art Goddesses Collection in the Goddess Shops (from the Colin Heaney Studio): Colin Heaney Studio's Glass Art Goddess Collection, Collectible Plate - Goddess Venus (Aphrodite), Goddess Jewelry: Glass art goddess pendants, Goddess Necklace: Colin Heaney Glass Art, Goddess Necklace: Pendants by Colin Heaney, Shrines: Goddess of Willendorf (Venus of Willendorf), Goddess Shrines: Colin Heaney Glass Art, Goddess Shrines: Glass Art from the Colin Heaney Studio, Goddess Statues: Colin Heaney Glass Art, Goddess Statues: Glass Art Goddesses from the Studio of Colin Heaney

Inner Goddess Ezine '11--14: '09-10: Frigga, Snow and Mistletoe, A Goddess Prayer for Thanksgiving, Goddess Gift E-zine: The Goddess Psyche, Greek Goddess Arachne, Goddess Gift Newsletter: Laugh! It's a Womanly Art., History of Mothers Day, Goddess Ostara and the History of Easter Traditions., Goddess Yemaya, hear our prayers for the people of Haiti., Hecate and Halloween, Sex Goddess, The Goddess and the Art of Living Colorfully, Winter Solstice & the goddess Frigga, Beauty Tips, Goddesses Going With the Flow, The Goddess Psyche, The Goddesses of Yule : Frigga, Rhiannon & Hestia, Goddess Lakshmi, Beauty and the Goddess of Good, Swimming with Sedna, Goddesses Going With the Flow, Goddess Valentine, Cat Goddess Bast, Easter Bunny, The Goddess Nut: Mother of All Gods (and Goddesses), Things that Go Bump in the Night: Hecate and Halloween, Thanksgiving with the Goddess of Memory and the Muses, Winter Solstice: Sleep for the Soul, Estrogen::Ostara::The Easter Bunny; Mother's Day and White Buffalo Calf Woman: Memorial Day & the Greek Goddess of Memory: Hestia, the Olympics and the Goddess of Chocolate; Compassion and the Inner Goddess of Mean, The Reindeer Goddess, Artemis and the High Fashion Birds, Valentine's Day -- Hot Hot Hot!, Oh the Places We'll Go!, Bad Mother:: Good Mother, Sometimes It's Hard Being Human, Happy Hauntings, Befana, The Goddess of Christmas, Brigid, Goddess or Saint?, The Greek Goddess Persephone and the Hussy Tree, Myths and the Tiger Moms, Halloween Goddesses and Traditions: Hecate & Persephone, If Only for a Second, When Santa Was a Woman. Goddess, Emperor, and Saint: The History of Valentine's Day The Goddess Ostara and the Easter Bunny

The Goddess Path Archives: Brigid, Goddess and Saint : The True Meaning of Imbolc and Ground Hog Day, Goddess Gift: All the goddesses await you., Helping Loved One’s In A Crisis …Without Sacrificing Yourself!, Expressing Your Love, Inner Goddess Map, Goddess Gift : The Book, Mazu and Yemaya, Goddess of Willendorf (Venus of Willendorf), Moon Goddesses and Intuition, Goddess Gifts, The Book is Back, About our newsletter

Reading Room: Books & resources: Women's Spirituality and the goddesses, Personality type & relationships books, Goddess Book: Discovering Your Goddess Type, the Goddess in You., Book Bonus by author, Goddesses in Myths and Folklore: Book Reviews,  the Goddess Personality Type and Temperament, Archetypes, Personality type and relationships, IPIP personality test, Links to Goddess Sites, Inner Goddess Books

Goddess Forum : Information and Articles: Goddess Forum: Her Dreaming Universe, Dreams, God and Goddess Mythology Resource, Great Goddess : Mother of Us All, Greek Goddesses, Musings on Myth and Archetype, Women in Mythology, Lakshmi, Goddess of Good Fortune, Medea, Wild Woman Prayer 

Pandora's Box : the Goddess Gift of Hope: Pandora's Box, Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Soul, Labyrinth and the Goddess, History of Valentine's Day , Metaphysician on Sadness , Hundredth Monkey, Blog: Progress Reports, Goddess Gatherings, Mistletoe, Winter Solstice, Red Hats : Warning, Mother's Day History, Goddess Venus : On Receiving, Yule Traditions , History of Easte Even More Goodies from Pandora's Box, Make a Clean Sweep with Venus, American Goddesses, Aphrodite's Spinach Souffle, History of Valentine's Day, Greek goddess Arachne, Healing with the Metaphysician, Blogging, More Goddess Gatherings, And the goddesses keep on gathering!, The History of Halloween, Persephone's Pomegranate Punch, Hecate, Vinegar of the Four Thieves

Goddess Art: Artist Bio :: Paula Masterman :: Goddess Beaded Art, Goddess and Pagan Greeting Cards and Art Prints by Lauren Curtis, Goddess Sculpture & Jewelry by Paula Cofresi-Silverstein, Featured Artists, Angel and Goddess Sculptures by Lisa Walsh, Beaded Art by Paula Masterman, Goddess Art :: Glass Art Prayer Beads, Goddess Art by Ananda V., Goddess Art by Bernette Rudolph, Goddess Art by Darrell Ross, Goddess Art by Zimmerman - Amor, Goddess Art  - Butterfly Maiden (Ix-Chel), Goddess Art - Dark Heart, Goddess Art  - Harvest, Goddess Art - Madonna, Goddess Art - Meditate, Goddess Art - Messenger, Goddess Art - My Sister, Goddess Art - Peaceful Warrior, Goddess Art - Salvation, Goddess Art - The Gift, Goddess Art - The Wedding, Goddess Art - Three Moons, Goddess Art - Waiting, Goddess Art: Dream Lodge, Goddess Art: Luna, Goddess Art: On the River, Goddess Art by Jenniffer Zimmer, Goddess Art Gallery: The Gift of Beauty, Goddess Art Gallery:: Goddesses of Spirit by Lienne Bick, Goddess Art Shop I, Goddess Art Shop II, Goddess Art Shop III: Calendars, Journals and Notecards, Bee Charmer Statue, Goddess Glass Art by Sue Daugherty, Goddess of the Harvest Statue:: Harvesté, Goddess Psyche, Beaded Goddess Art, Goddess Pacifica, Beaded Goddess Art, Grace :: Goddess Labyrinth, Inuit Goddess Sedna (Siku), Beaded Goddess Art, Serengeti:: Beaded Goddess Art, Goddess Art: Postcards

Goddesses Sense of Humor: Womanly Sense of Humor, A Tribute to the Goddess of Chocolate, Ixcacao, AAADD, DEITY PURCHASE QUESTIONNAIRE, Goddess Humor: Good Time Girl, Humor: Cars vs. Computers., Mamma Could Have Averted War in Iraq, Maxine and Martha (Stewart) Cookoff Competition, Musings on the Womanly Sense of Humor, Three Proofs that Jesus Was A Woman, Women's Humor: Quotes by Famous Women

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   Found Goddesses: 'Found Goddesses': the Goddess AwayithDaBill, Agentia, Which goddess are you? Quiz says I'm the goddess Anew!,  Goddess Aroma-Thelia, Goddess Barcoda from the Little Book of Goddesses, Goddesses, you can Eat What You Wanna, Stretchucanna, Corpora Amaroso, Yellow Gloves, Flaunta, Goddess Mamma, Randuhma, Goddesses, Dance It Off Ya! , Iva, the Diva : Goddess of High Tech, Tell A Friend About Goddess Gift, Goddess Hormonae (winner, Found Goddesses Contest),  Menopausia, Goddess Tantra (winner, Found Goddesses Contest), The Goddess Un-Send, Maramadyn

   Contest :: Diva's Diner, (recipes) Aphrodite : Greek goddess of love, Artemis, Celtic Goddess Aine: Midsummer Cookies,  Hestia : Greek goddess of hospitality,  Greek Goddess Gaia's Healing Soup, Pandora

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