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What others have said:

Did the quiz. I enjoyed it very much and found the results to be more than 99% accurate, as far as my personality/type is concerned.

Good job on the questions and I love the comprehensive report.  By the way, I'm an Artemis goddess type.

— Mary (Artemis)

Thanks for your great website! My goddess analysis was fascinating, and I look forward to receiving my first newsletter.

— Diann  (Athena)

I confess, I'm a personality test junkie.  I think I've taken just about every test on the Web and yours really was awesome! 

I shared my Goddess Report with my friends and they think it was 100%. You can expect to hear from them soon.   This site is soooo good.

— Sue (Persephone)

A couple of my students and I all took the quiz and got our Goddess personality reports. What fun it was going around asking each other, "I'm an Athena, what are you?"

The reports  were so accurate it was uncanny! With the results written in terms of your goddess archetype, they were as fun and intriguing as any astrological report we've ever seen. I like it that  the test itself is based on "hard science" and uses the hottest new developments in scientific personality testing that are being used in academic research and career placement.                   

— Marta,  A Psyche

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I love your site! A friend gave me a gift certificate and the report was right on target.  I teach goddess classes and will recommend your site to my students.  I am also purchasing a gift certificate as a birthday present for another friend. I can't wait until the goddess shop is up for business.  Bright blessings to you.

— Kali (Type Not Given)

 I especially love the suggestions for invoking the various goddesses.  I am using some of those in my everyday work to call forward my own shadow (or missing) goddess.

— Toni (Aphrodite)

Last month we shared our first Great New Find - The God/Goddess Quiz with our subscribers - and we’ve heard nothing but good things about it ever since. 

— Lissa & Randy, SoulFullfilled Living

It validated what I have been feeling is my next step, what my soul has been wanting and gave me some great tools and info on how to do it!  What I really noticed about the information was how far I have come, and the work I have already done!!! YIPPPPEEE!

— Susan Glavin


The test affirmed a lot of who I am and made clear what I need to do for me to compensate/grow (steps I already know but interesting how right on the recommendations were). 

— Dr. Jeannie Campanelli

Before I took the quiz  I had become pre-occupied with the sadness in my life and was so depressed I was ready to make an appointment with a a psychiatrist. After studying the report I understood what I was doing to perpetuate the unhappiness in my life. Neither I, nor anyone else who knows me, could believe the change in my appearance, attitude, and behavior. I am no longer depressed. Once more I am a happy, achieving, human being.

 — Alicia, (Persephone)


I am taking a Shamanism course here in the UK and one of the areas we
are  looking at is finding a heroine/goddess that we resonate with  and I was so glad to find your site!  My mythology knowledge is not strong so did not know where to start and after searching on the web found your site and what a great place to start.  I did your quiz so have a starting point to work  with and also reading about all the goddesses has been tremendous help. So thank you for your thorough and enjoyable site. I will return often. 

 — Karen Lynn


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Thank you so much, Sharon! I do appreciate it - and I know my mom will, too! This is just the unique gift she will like!

<— Meg (An Isis)

Thank you so much for your help, it is very much appreciated. I needed the Goddess Quiz. I love your site and all the things I've learned.

— Crystle (Hestia)

I have never ordered from a company that dealt with customers in such a personal way. It's very refreshing. You have a wonderful website, and I look forward to to receiving my pendants. Thank you again for the personal service!

 — Karen (Bastet)

This has given me terrific insight when I least expected it. Thanks so much for the Goddess Quiz.

— Sheila O'Donnell

A member of a group I belong to gifted me a certificate and we learned so much from sharing our reports that I wanted to treat all the group to a certificate.  Your website is terrific.  Plus, the choice of descriptions used in your reporting has helped me to embrace Aphrodite more fully and accept those aspects in myself that I had not valued since they were "not productive".  Thanks for the new insights. 
— Toni (Aphrodite)


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