Goddess Bee Charmer

Fourth in the Series

“Goddesses Surround Us”

Bee Charmer was created in honor of the rainforest jungles of the world. There is so much life to be discovered in these sacred areas.  She represents the Ancient Mayan times, the time of the Moon Goddess Ix Chel, Mother Goddess Coatlicue and the Mayan people who charmed the bees not to carry their stingers.  We say, “Life is a jungle out there”.  Bee Charmer reminds us to pay attention, to look closely in life’s jungle and find the hidden surprises that await.

Just as the jungle is teeming with life and color, Bee Charmer is teeming with many bits of gemstones including tiger eye, aventurine, jasper, goldstone, ryolite, turquoise, bone, petrified swamp, quartz, carnelian, freshwater pearls, amber and a wooden goddess. Swarovski crystals and Czech glass also help make her illusion of flora.

Artist:  Paula Masterman

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